love singing and music lovers consider yourself to be?Turn your favorite hobby into an opportunity to learn a foreign language.Work on the foreign language through songs gives the opportunity not only to learn a new language, but also learn the pronunciation and intonation.

The first question that arises is "What is the song selected for the study?".It should make a reservation that the songs in its classic sense is not divided by levels of difficulty, so choose the one that you like and that takes your idol.Select the song go to work.

Sequence of song material

  1. rule for choosing favorite song is not accidental and due to the fact that you will need to repeat it several times.It is unlikely that admirer of rock likely to appeal to multiple pronunciation of humming and songs of the legendary quartet ABBA.Although on the eve of the Christmas holidays, even the song of Santa Claus can be a good tool for the study of a pair of new words.

  2. choose songs in high-quality recording.The first auditions ar
    e held from the first to the last chord, at the same time try to capture the meaning of individual words.

  3. At the second audition, use headphones and try to say as much as possible what you hear.Correct to say not "say" and "sing."Your first "concert" is certainly not gather stadiums and there will be more similar to the "abracadabra," but this is only the first step.

  4. On the Internet easy to find the lyrics.The found text to be translated to obtain a clear understanding of the meaning of the story and the songs.When working with a dictionary, pay special attention to the pronunciation of words and sentences in the transcription.

  5. Lyrics lay before his eyes, and start recording again.Now you have to try and sing along to the executor to pronounce the words as it makes the star.

Why does it work?

When imitating someone else's speech comes up involuntary intonations.In the process, our brain is not considering how she made the articulation and vocal apparatus is gradually getting used to the movements which are necessary for the sound of a foreign language.Another extremely important point, staying with him alone, you will not experience the embarrassment that would haunt you in the training courses in a group or with the teacher.

on the frequency of listening to familiar songs directly depends on how quickly you start to learn words, not only in music, but in colloquial speech.

use of musical material makes it easier to memorize new vocabulary through rhyme and rhythm.Rhyme is a good helper memory words that rhyme, if necessary, recall much faster.Rhythm divides the text into logical parts, thereby facilitating understanding.

complicated grammar through songs lungs

musical material not only helps to increase vocabulary and get acquainted with lexical structures, but also to make out the grammatical rules.Of course, you can not do without the basics of grammar and a good tutorial.

To study the use of the song that you have repeatedly listened to and well understand the translation.It is important that the song was the story, and not a set of newfangled words.After listening to the songs take the printed text and emphasize grammar momentum.In considering the time of their approval and select verbs, but if the goal - analysis of articles, all emphasize that only the find.Try to classify the material and lead to a general rule, if a word has steadfastly refused to come under the rule check, maybe it refers to exceptions.

Here is a small example.As a basis we take the track «Logical Song», which is perfect to get acquainted with new adjectives and their role.Lyricist generously invested in it 26 adjectives.If the words of young, wonderful, simple, beautiful and criminal for you to just a set of letters, then the song just for you.By the way, the grammar of the text on the review does not turn out, it is little, simple sentences do not allow momentum to trace or sequence of tenses.

indefinite article can be taught with the shocking Pink and her song «Just Give Me a Reason».As illustrative examples should definitely consider the line:

- Just a second;
- Just give me a reason;
- Just a little bit's enough;
- You were a thief.

Thus, you will little closer previously complex and obscure a / an, and she rozovolosaya diva.

Present Perfect Continuous raises many questions.A good example can be taken «Left Outside Alone» - You Anastacia, where there are a string «Bn a fantasy» and «All my life I've been waiting».

If you are ready to move to a conditional offer, go to a concert One Republic and listen carefully track «If I Lose Myself».Listen and remember: It'll be by your side, If I lose myself tonight.It is expected that the effect will occur in the future, but instead will lose if used after the union is now familiar - lose.

Sing easy and fun.To get the result, change tracks and often do not spend more than an hour for them.

video about an example of using the songs in the process of learning:

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