Many common people who long taught a foreign language, but did not begin to use it for communication.Fear, confusion and uncertainty beset the most inopportune moment, and all accumulated through hard work, knowledge disappear somewhere.Are you familiar with this situation?If you are sadly nodded his head, follow me, we will destroy the language barrier.

it always the language barrier - the "language»

Communication difficulties can reach the roots of features such as temperament.People who feel stress when communicating in their native language, are unlikely to be liberated in the dialogue in a foreign.

If you are in a group, pay attention to how things are going with your neighbor.If you are more likely to communicate by gestures, and the key word in the dialogue "Uh ... uh ...", it means that the problem is not you, but in quality and technique of teaching.What should I do in this situation?Take a step back and carefully crafted material covered.

has long been no secret that learning a language
can be compared to sports.It is not enough just to understand the rules and structures need to learn to do it physically.Unable to get the Olympic champion without constant training and prolonged exercise.

inability to listen is ranked fourth in the ranking of the causes of the language barrier.In most cases, students of language courses aim to learn to say, implying that the ability to maintain a conversation.However, it is worth considering that the "communication" and "speaking" non-identical concepts.Skill to listen and understand the communication in a more valuable and time-consuming compared with the ability to express their thoughts, wrapping them in a nice verbal wrapping.

How to destroy the wall of the language barrier

First, make every effort to learn to speak correctly.This issue will become your reliable assistant audio cassettes, allowing for the speaker to repeat.When performing training exercises, repeat not only lexical items but also the pronunciation.Pay attention to intonation, foreigners are not in dialogue, he explained to his thought monotonously, they are characterized by emotion.Therefore, the pronunciation of the same phrase, do it with a different emotional tone: joy, surprise, doubt and pessimism.Some slowness require information important words in the sentence, while the minor blurts quickly.

If among your relatives or friends have an interest in learning a foreign language, arrange workshops.Listen to the dialogue, memorize them by heart, and in his spare time over a cup of tea, taking a walk, or Shopping articulate them.

Get generally speaking only in English, coming to a certain place, such as a supermarket.In large malls you can recall the vocabulary of almost any topic - «Shopping», «Food», «Furniture», «Clothes and Fashion» and many others.At first, the conversations can be quite primitive, but it will be the first steps towards the elimination of the language barrier.Even at the initial level of learning English is easy to make a few remarks, such as:
  • I like this red lamp.What do you think about it?
  • Red color is not suitable in our room.
  • What color do you prefer?

Treat these exercises very seriously, and the result will not take long.You will feel an athlete who constantly trains your muscles, you will also train the language to teach to perform the movements that are needed for the work sounds of English speech.

When communicating, try not to think about what mistakes you make and how many have already done.Suffice it to recall the young children who are just beginning to talk, they are not inherent in fear, they are not afraid to be funny.If you have something you want to say, do not waste time on building design in the head, saying the move.In this approach, the probability that you talk increases several times.

language barrier in children

on child language barrier should be considered separately.If adults understand the motivation for learning a foreign language, the children - no.All that may limit their motivation - the desire of parents, so the approach needs to be done on the other side.Foreign language should be for the child communicative necessity.Search this environment can be in two places abroad and in the international children's camp.The operation of such camps is based on everyday conversations with native speakers, who act as counselors or leaders of various circles (optional language).Would you like to play chess, to make crafts with their hands, learn to swim a certain style - do it in English!The discussions and games, contests and quizzes - you participate?So interpret his thoughts in English!

video about some tips to deal effectively with the language barrier from the expert:

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