simultaneous study of two or more foreign languages ​​are often puzzling.We sincerely surprised those who could throw Multi-Language challenge and win.How to teach two foreign languages ​​and whether to do it at all?We will try to explain further.

«mess in my head»

most widespread fear in the study of two foreign languages ​​is the fear of getting "porridge" and confusion in the head.This statement is true only in one case - if the study of languages ​​to be one group.

Simultaneous study choose the "representatives" of various language groups that do not have common ground in vocabulary, grammar and phonetics.Couples' English - Spanish "," Italian - Portuguese "are more difficult to study than the duets" German - Polish "," English - Thai "or" Japanese - French. "

languages ​​in one group certainly interference occurs, at which the rules and regulations of one language unnoticed influence on the second target language.Excluding this factor, you can completely change the brain and minimize the like
lihood of "podsovyvaniya" false clues.

principles of effective learning of several languages ​​

The principles of effective learning of several languages

takes for the case to be difficult when knowledge of one of the languages ​​reach at least average.Of course, you can take a deep breath and go on a bilingual swimming with zero, but the result will require more time and effort.

Determine the circle of his trusted aides and associates.Dictionaries in the native language - you do not have friends!This brainstorming session involving all memory centers are able to arrange bilingual dictionaries, of course, those which are based on learning languages.

Books and audio tapes - an excellent tool for studying.But not a single grammar of a foreign language is rife.If you become bored, turn an interesting movie.The material they choose video, the subtitle of which is not marked in Russian and foreign.Not watched a Chinese film with English subtitles, and vice versa?You lost a lot, it will be interesting!Talk about the book in the original is later lifted because they require a higher level.

Try as little as possible to use their native language in the learning process.In a pair of "English - Chinese," certainly more difficulties will arise with the language of the Middle Kingdom.The practical training in the Chinese language with the assistance of the World Wide Web, use English-language sites.It will not be long and you'll notice that English has become dearer to you and understandable.

main condition for obtaining high efficiency and result - select the language that you are interested in.

Fast and slow phase study

Now the answer to the question "What is the intensity of teaching?".All the work on the language pair should be divided into slow and fast phases.Perception phases your main goal will be to the maximum set of lexical units and development of grammatical structures.Make every effort to immerse yourself in the language with his head.Jobs in the slow phase is aimed at strengthening the knowledge and runs with less intensity.

Be prepared for the fact that a breach of the system will lead to a situation where the process of studying will call you in disgust.Chances are that you will lose motivation, so dial "momentum" gradually, steadily and comfortable pace.During the slow phase of exercises should take 30-40 minutes fast - 3-4 hours.This rule applies to both weekdays and weekends to.

matrix method of learning languages ​​

Author matrix method claims that it will be most effective in the study of languages ​​3-7.These figures seem exorbitant, but if you understand the essence of technique, all falls into place.

In studying the text of his reading and pronunciation of the series takes place in all languages.The technique widely used conversion exercise without the inclusion of the native language.The same rule applies to the grammatical rules that are considered systematically comparing.Learning vocabulary is based on communicative situations, expressed in the dialogues.Should I explain that the communicative situation combines interrelated and interdependent language.

Video about the components of the matrix method:

not the last place in the matrix method belongs to the "false friends" interpreter that can cause cross-language conflicts.Here are some examples:

  • accord (Eng.) - Consensus, not a chord;
  • angina (Eng.) - Angina, no angina;
  • golf (fr.) - Gulf without golf;
  • magazine (fr.) - The magazine, not a store;
  • die krawatte (German.) - Tie, not a bed;
  • bielizna (Pol.) - Lingerie, not white.

matrix method in teaching children

advantage matrix method lies in its versatility.He proved to be effective in teaching both adults and children.The optimal age for teaching children is the age of 4-8 years, but as the saying goes, "never too late to learn."

Traditional methods of learning a foreign language involves the memorization of new lexical units, which leads to a reluctance to continue teaching the kids.First six months before the teacher should aim intensification of new vocabulary and to achieve a level which would allow the child to safely absorb at least 5% of vocabulary in each lesson.Over time, the rate of recruitment of new words and will rise in a year to reach 20-40%.

Recording starts only the first words in the second year, the study of grammar - 3 year training."Why so long?" Often are asking parents, giving his crumbs into the hands of the teacher.The fact is that the specificity of age does not allow to study grammar before, because the baby is not formed grammatical concepts mother tongue.

similar approach has phonetics.In practical mastery of language skills the children do not need signs transcription is more important right articulation statement.At this stage, it is important to pay attention to specific sounds and their articulation: [r] and [t] - in English, [r] and [n] - in French.Selection of letters and letter combinations is carried out only in the second year of study.

Each lesson is introduced at least 30 new words.A lot of?Yes, it's a lot, but effective.Of all the lexical array group accounts for 8-12 words of nouns, adjectives - 5-8, verbs - 4-6 numerals - 2-3 and not more than two types of phrases.

simple way to quickly learn the vocabulary of several foreign languages:

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