Dry fasting - a modern method of treatment of the body, which requires a lot of willpower and health.

Despite the great risk to the health of dry fasting is considered to be an effective method for the recovery of the body.It acquired great popularity in the XX century, when American scientists after many studies have proven its incredible effect.They found that, thanks to the complete abandonment of food the body gets a lot of stress, in which he works in emergency mode.Dry fasting protects all the organs and systems of access of harmful substances that can penetrate the food.It produces more antibodies, which are responsible for the destruction of infections and viruses.We can say that the immune system because of their domestic savings is capable of twice better protect the body.

The technique of dry fasting

Its essence lies in the fact that man is totally refuses food and water. The duration of fasting can be from 3 to 5 days.Over a long period of such "diet" may be hazardous to health. for those who first want to experience the healing, this method is not recommended to give up food for more than 3 days.It is very important to properly prepare the dry fasting.

To do this, 30 days before the fasting should strictly do not eat high-calorie food, it servings every day should be reduced, and a few days before you should drink water alone.It is also important to get out of a dry diet.To this end it after the first day one should drink water in small sips.Next you can drink juices.And so gradually, in small portions to enter into the diet of conventional food.

Besides that dry fasting beneficial effect on human health, it is used as a 100% method for weight loss.After all, the body receiving a stress, will now spend a maximum energy fat splitting and means to actively cope with this process.

results of dry fasting for three days - loss 3─6 kg.Usually people lose about 4.5 kg.

Types of dry fasting

Dry fasting

There are several types of dry fasting, which is to adhere to, depending on your state of health:

  • complete;
  • partial.

The first time a person must not only completely stop eating, but also to avoid any contact with water and food.For example, it is forbidden to wash and brush your teeth.In no case can not even taste the food - it would mean violation of the regime, and therefore the lack of results.The result of such a diet helps to cleanse the body of toxins, as well as a positive effect on the work of all internal organs.

Partial dry fasting much easier tolerated. The essence of it is that the complete rejection of food should alternate with the raw food diet.For example, one day you do not eat anything at all, and the second only eat any raw food (very useful green buckwheat eat, read as a green sprout buckwheat).In general, such a diet lasts about 30 days.In the case of deterioration is not recommended to continue fasting for more than 14 days.In keeping with all of the recommendations after fasting, you will not only feel the internal improvement, but also to see external changes.

For example, this technique effectively removes wrinkles, skin becomes more elastic and fresh.If you lose the extra kilos skin does not sag, the body will be beautiful and flexible.

In both cases, before the application of this technique is necessary to be examined by a doctor in order to avoid disturbances in the body. fact in certain diseases of dry fasting may be contraindicated:

  • in diabetes;
  • tuberculosis;
  • cancer;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • in violation of the cardiovascular system;
  • endocrine diseases and others.

For more information on indications and contraindications of dry diet, you can ask your doctor.After all, before you start fast, you should make sure that your body is healthy and he is not threatened.For security, you can go through the whole course of the procedure under his strict supervision.

Dry fasting is often used as an unloading diet that helps cleanse the body of toxins.But in order to improve the bowels of such a diet should not be followed for more than 3 days.During this time, the body will be able to relax and you will feel an extraordinary lightness.

specialists who know the procedure of dry fasting and not just held her, convinced that much depends on the emotional state of man.Therefore, to get the maximum benefit from this technique, you must sincerely believe in it.You could say that the golden rule of dry hunger - is an ancient psychological thesis that "our thoughts are material."

deciding heal your body with the help of short-term refusal of food, it is important to weigh all the "pros" and "cons".After all, despite the fact that such a diet helps get rid of many chronic diseases, it can cause irreparable damage to your health.Therefore, you should carefully prepare for such a serious decision.As already mentioned, the best advice you can get from your doctor, who will safely and efficiently move a temporary diet.

video about starvation - dry or water (feedback and results):

Author: Marina Ivashchuk for TutKnow.ru