often hear about the lack of time and money to attend special courses or training programs, self-study.Manufacturers of mobile applications are on the alert and try to make their intellectual products are not only fun and entertaining, but also useful.

offer you a list of the most popular and effective applications for the study of a foreign language that can successfully fit in your phone.

Lingua Leo

Lingua Leo Lingua Leo

Lingua Leo mobile application can be used on the IOS platform and Android.Due to its functionality, it can be said to be the most effective solution for busy fans of the English language.

Why wait inside?Inside you will find a funny Lion four kinds of training:

  • Designer words;
  • listening;
  • word translation;
  • -word translation.

most exciting part is the "designer" that offers to collect the familiar words from the letters.In a step above listening, which in spite of its complexity has high efficiency.During the quest, you need to listen to the word and write it down yourself.
Exercises translation of character offered to choose the exact translation of the word from the proposed list.

Practice English Grammar

Practice English Grammar

Tighten complicated English grammar help application Practice English Grammar.The job application developers fit the following sections:

  • times in the English language;
  • correct classification / irregular verbs;
  • articles;
  • modal verbs;
  • pronouns;
  • adverbs.

In tests with different levels of difficulty offered proposals to missing grammatical structure.Let's look at an example.

English Daily (IOS)

English Daily (IOS)

program will help tighten the ability to perceive the text by ear.The learning process starts with listening to the text, if in the process you have met unfamiliar words, you will be offered to get acquainted with their translation.After repeated listening, you can start playback of a separate text.

Busuu (Android, IOS)

Busuu (Android, IOS)

fairness it should be noted that Busuu for IOS and Android is not a full application, but more like a large community of foreign language learners.

Classes are held on various topics, including travel, cultural traditions, opinions about books and new watched movies.There is a category in which participation requires a small fee.For $ 5 you have access to the topic of how to get an education abroad or discussion is concerned about how to become a millionaire.

Learning English With The New York Times

Learning English With The New York Times

IOS-application is suitable for those who are in their knowledge of a foreign language has already reached the level of Intermediate.An integrated approach allows you to simultaneously work on improving the perception of the text comprehension, increases vocabulary and reading skills.

The basis of the twelve lessons based on the materials of the newspaper The New York Times.The work begins with the reading of the text, followed by a verification of its understanding and listening to the audio file.

And that's not all ...

  • Learn English Elementary Podcasts - application for those who are just starting their way of learning a foreign language.After listening to a 20-minute episode, you will be offered to answer questions that will help to test yourself and fill the gaps in knowledge.

  • like extreme language learning?Then Wordshake from the British Council for you.In just two minutes, you need to collect as many foreign words.At the end of "vocabulary marathon" program will tell you what words you have not seen.

  • Johnny Grammar's Quizmaster - grammatical three-tiered application.

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Modern technologies allow to make foreign language learning interesting and accessible at any time.Choose a convenient option for themselves and move towards your goal.
Author: Ekaterina Nemykina for TutKnow.ru