Courses English language are a great way to improve communication skills.You can sit for hours in an embrace with a grammar reference book, listen to hundreds of CDs and watch movies without translation, but nothing will ever replace you live communication, which, among other things, held under the guidance of a teacher.What requirements should present the courses to the result you had been highly linguistic center, not charlatans with a great advertising slogan.

Courses need different courses are important

At the head of your choice must necessarily be the goal that you are pursuing.For some it will be quite a classic English, who is planning to get the language certificate and leave the borders of their homeland, many of those who need a business course or a course of technical terms.

Classic courses are a type of employment that the strength gradually increase your level of English.It is not necessary to make a choice in favor of such activities, if you are "limping" in terms of grammar, vocab
ulary and phonetics.An integrated approach - the main feature of the classic courses.

English courses marked "Conversation» designed for those who want to communicate in a foreign language.The main emphasis in the classroom is on communicative practice. If done right, at least half of sessions should take place with native speakers.

is easy to find and specialized courses , which prepare their visitors to pass tests TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, CAE, GRE.Their activities are built around individual programs, courses and involves their thorough review.

what to prepare business courses? First of all it will be the rules of business etiquette, which is accepted in English-speaking countries.The course also includes training of special vocabulary and rules of documentation.

The choice of such courses should be done to those who cooperate with foreign companies.

Intensive courses - it is a class at least once a week 5─7.The result will be the passage of the same knowledge that you can get on classical terms, but the time will be spent considerably less.

Selection Criteria - teaching method

At this point in the segment of foreign language learning, like mushrooms after rain, there are new techniques that promise high results as soon as possible whether or not to believe promises or give preference to the classical methods, time-tested.

The method is based on the classic system of levels from Beginner to Advanced.Total of six levels and through each of you take from 3 to 9 months.A simple mathematical calculation allows to obtain the following results - the study of the language must be from 2 to 2.5 years.

Significant disadvantages include its excessive length, which does not allow its use to people who need knowledge in the shortest time.No less Grieve are realities that some attempts at conversation introduced no earlier than the third level - Pre-Untermediate.From the duration of the course, of course, depends on the cost, the more you do, the more hard-earned will be given.

Along with practice and procedure-level bezurovnevuyu that in the circles of teachers known as communicative.In the classroom teachers have focused on building communication skills.In the early stages you will learn to make offers, to communicate, and only then will all writing.What is the advantage of such courses?This technique is much more interesting and more efficient than traditional.

comprehensive efficiency analysis allows to allocate and negative sides.Among these is the impossibility of a thorough study of a foreign language in a few months, all that you will be under the force - is to maintain conversations in communicating with foreigners.

Subtleties choice of English language courses

Having made a choice in favor of a particular method, determining their ultimate goal, you can safely proceed to the search for suitable organizations.The largest educational companies offer a free trial lesson in a group of students pass courses.Do not give up this opportunity.Often held open lessons especially for beginners, they are promotional in nature, so do not allow you to fully appreciate the benefits and the level of teaching.

Teacher, what is it?

Firstly, the people who will teach you should be able to do it, not just fluent in the language.Do not hesitate to ask about the diploma, the qualifications of potential teachers.Often the courses are undermining a place of students of philological universities, such organizations should be avoided.

Second, practicing teacher never stops in its self-development, so has a vast treasury of its own methodological developments.If your teacher - author of techniques, books or journal articles in professional journals, then this man - a true professional.

Ask what books will be your companions in the learning process.Practice shows that if you use a textbook at the finish line, you get a one-sided learning English.Therefore, give preference to the course where skillfully used the textbooks of different authors.

large and small group: the pros and cons

optimum number of people in the group ranges from 4 to 8 people.This is the number of students that will help develop great communication skills.In addition, nobody canceled the competition principle.

If your ultimate goal is for international exams, choose a group of no more than 4 people, otherwise the teacher will not have enough time for analysis of material from each student.

How to recognize scams

The following rules will help in no time see through scams and do not get to their tricks.

  1. lack of state registration - the first thing that gives us dishonest.

  2. carefully read the contract when it is signed.It must be an item that allows you to pick up the rest of the payment in case of termination of employment.

  3. Largest Directory - is the internet.He knows everything and always carries a few reviews of the selected organization.Take the time to look for them, if the omniscient web silent, think, I would like you to be one of the first guinea pigs.

  4. How to start training?Of course, with your level diagnostics.If a teacher ignores this point, and there are people in the group with a completely different level, give up such employment.

  5. to scam the main thing - getting money, so they are in no matter what was to insist on full payment for the entire course.Those who set up the long term and attracting students in the future, offer a monthly or even weekly wages.This approach will allow you to gain knowledge without financial losses and disappointments.

  6. sure to check, did not practice if they have a change of teacher.The course must be deducted one teacher.
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