when considering adopting the levels of foreign language can not set a clear framework.None of the teacher will tell you that in the study of lexical items 15-20 will take you to the next level.Note proficiency - is not only a vocabulary, active and passive vocabulary.If you have successfully coped with exam Intermediate, something in his notebook achievements can be noted that the true knowledge are at Upper-Intermediate (initial stage level).

If you do not have previous level approach to deal with the division of the English language, it is likely that the self attempt to set the record straight in front of you there will chaos definitions and requirements.

give a small example, virtually everyone who took up the study of English is familiar with the manual «English Grammar In Use» Murphy, aimed at students level Intermediate, but the information obtained is sufficient for the exam FCE.The courses to overcome this barrier and obtain a certificate prepared students advanced level.

conclusion from the above is the following - there are several classifications, which are images of each other.

Common scale organization ALTE

ALTE has been accredited by the European Commission for Education, so without a doubt can be considered a reliable and trusted source.Adopted scale consists of six levels from A1 to C2, this period is sufficient to cover knowledge from basic to perfect English.

is focused on this scale is necessary for those who plan to take Cambridge exams.In addition, it is a vector of the British publishers of reference books, dictionaries and various grammatical collections.

popular educational courses that give the basic knowledge such as Headway, Top Notch, Cutting Edge, True Colors and Reward offer a scale of six levels:

  • Beginner or Basic
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate
  • Advanced

Levels of English

compare this classification with ALTE (picture above)

The table is easy to conclude that the level of Advanced, which offers almost all spokencourse, corresponds to only an average level of knowledge in the preparation of certificates.If your plans include training in foreign universities, no one would purposefully check your level of knowledge, you will be asked to present the results of TOEFL, IELTS, which in turn coincide with ALTE.


FCE and CAE - Cambridge exams preparation which lasts at least a year and involves reaching a qualitatively new level in the knowledge of a foreign language.The highest stage, which proves that you speak English as a native, is a certified Certificate of Proficiency in English.

His graying level - Post-Proficiency , those who manage to reach such heights in the rare case of mistakes in the use of a foreign language, for example, they slip a thin English humor built on citation of the book, movie or TV show.This grading is completed, and the trainees received the title of «native English speaker».

What to know and be able to

Levels of English
Level Beginner

Levels of English
Level Elementary

Levels of English
Level Pre Intermediate

reaching this level, students courses on the shoulder surrender Cambridge exam Preliminary English Test - PET.

Level Intermediate
English Intermediate Level

English Intermediate Level

English Intermediate Level

Level Upper Intermediate
The level of English Upper Intermediate

The level of English Upper Intermediate

The level of English Upper Intermediate

overcome stage called Upper Intermediate, you can count onsuccessful receipt of certificates of deposit IELTS, FCE and the American TOEFL.

Level Advanced

Advanced level of English

Advanced level of English

Advanced level of English

result of successful completion of the training course will be the opportunity to take Advanced Cambridge CAE exam and CPE.

video about levels of English proficiency:

Author: Ekaterina Nemykina for TutKnow.ru