Agaricus - a parasitic fungus tinder, which grows on the trunks of larch patients (hence its other name "larch sponge").For centuries agarikus it considered an indispensable tool for human health.They treated diabetes, tuberculosis, used to heal wounds and bruises.

With the development of scientific technology have been many studies that have shown that Agaricus contains many mineral salts and mineral acids.Also in the structure it has more than 70% of resinous materials.Because of this mineral composition hardwood sponge was used as an effective tool for weight loss.After agarikus great breaks down fats and improves metabolism.It also contains special components for proper operation of our liver.In addition, this fungus is well cleanses the body of toxins and has a laxative effect, which also plays an important role in the loss of extra kilos.

Application agarikus slimming

Honey-herbal balm Naturonik - larch sponge
The photo honey and herbal balm "Naturonik - larch sponge", the price of 100 ml jars 480 rubles.

After larch sponge wa
s used as an effective tool in the loss of extra kilos, distribution of medicinal mushrooms has become increasingly popular.In order to acquire the desired shape of the Agaricus make decoctions and infusions, which must be taken daily.But there are also other drugs in tablet or powder form, which is attached to the instructions for use.As a rule, except they contain the extract of Agaricus and other substances that help in the fight against excess weight.For example, it can be known by all goji berries, ginger root and chitosan.To make a home remedy for weight loss based on Agaricus enough to buy it at the pharmacy ready dried fruit.

infusion of Agaricus

for this infusion, you will need 1 tbspminced mushroom.It needs to pour a glass of boiled water and to insist night.This is best done in a thermos, but can also be in the ordinary glass jars, but be sure to insist in a cool, dark place.Take it should be every day on an empty stomach 1 tablespoonin two weeks.This infusion is not necessary to store more than two days, because it is very perishable.So do not do big portions, better to cook fresh every time.

infusion of Agaricus cinnamon

This recipe is quite simple, because you can take it after 2─3 hours after cooking.To do this, 2 teaspoonsAgaricus to pour 200─250 ml of boiling water and let stand on a steam bath 5─7 min.A few hours later, when it is good it is possible to drink configure themselves.The infusion is ready, add 1/2 tspground cinnamon.She also agarikus well as helps get rid of excess weight.Therefore, these two components in the complex will give the best effect.

Broth from Agaricus and ginger

Everyone knows that ginger - a useful product, which is not only good for the body but also on the process of losing weight.To prepare the broth with its contents should take 1 tbspAgaricus and dried ginger and add water.All this bring to a boil and boil 7─10 min.Then give him a good infusions under the lid closed, and the broth is ready.Drink it 2 times a day 1 tspbefore eating.

Broth with one mushroom

To prepare the broth from the usual agarikus pour a glass of boiling water 1 tbspchopped larch sponge and simmer about 5 minutes.Take 1─2 times a day 1 tsp

Agaricus mushrooms tasted a little bitter, so if you find it difficult to transfer their bad taste in the broth, you can add lemon, mint or other herbs.

Agaricus: contraindications

Agaricus slimming
The photograph 50 gram packet of Agaricus, the price in the order of 105 Russian rubles.

Despite agarikus least side effects should be taken with caution.After the excess doses can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rash, and itching.Therefore, it should only be used strictly according to instructions.

Also in some cases, larch sponge can cause allergic reactions , so people with individual intolerance to this component should abandon drugs to its content.

If you eat the mushroom Agaricus in order to lose weight, then it should be done infrequently.Admission should last for two weeks with a break 2─3 month. agarikus absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers. For despite its medicinal qualities, it can adversely affect child development.Do not apply it to children and elderly people.Particularly dangerous this fungus can be for people with diseases of the liver and intestines.Therefore, before its use is very important to consult a doctor to avoid health problems.

Agaricus: customer reviews

Agaricus slimming

Tatiana, 39 years

About miracle properties of Agaricus I had heard enough.But afraid to dare to experiment until a friend convinced no positive effect.I bought it in a pharmacy, and every evening made brew, which saw in the morning.After 20 days of receiving my weight decreased by 3 kg, with no violations in my body was not found.On the contrary, I began to feel the ease and cheerfulness.I am very happy and would recommend this tool for weight loss.

Dean, 28 years

Subject excess weight for me is very sensitive (with a weight of 165 sm I have 89 kg).Admission diet pills ended sadly for me - I was in the hospital with acute poisoning.Since then I gave up the dream to get the ideal weight.But after the Internet I read a lot of reviews of the literature and larch sponge, I decided to take a desperate step.Frankly, I was not sure of a positive result, but after 2 months I lost 7 kg.Over the years (with interruptions), I saw agarikus and lost 20 kg.It's hard to believe, but now I have an ideal weight that I always dreamed of!Everyone who wants to remove unnecessary centimeters, without harm to health tips agarikus.You will not regret!

Nadezhda, 42 years

I always pay full attention to their appearance and weight is not an exception.I used various drugs and slimming, but the reception was always accompanied by side effects: rash, diarrhea, nausea.After I saw my colleague 3 months vacation, I just did not recognize it.To my surprise, there were no borders, because she was always so plump, and now just a model.The first thing I asked her, how much plastic surgery.And then she told me about the Agaricus, which she took during that time.Since then, I began to use the drug "Naturonik" through larch sponges and look great.100 ml jar is worth about 480 rubles.
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