Zinc - a chemical element in the periodic system of IV period, atomic number - 30. There are suggestions that the word "zinc" comes from it.«Zinke» - «tooth" (because of the similarity of the crystallites of zinc metal needles).

For a man it is vital, because without it is impossible the normal functioning of every cell.Normally, an organism should comprise 2-3 g zinc.Most are concentrated in the skin, kidneys, liver, retina, in men - prostate.

What does the body?

  1. Promotes the formation, growth and cell metabolism, wound healing, protein synthesis;

  2. activates immune responses, acting against bacteria, viruses and tumor cells;

  3. supports, improves attention and memory, smell, taste sensitivity;

  4. helps to absorb carbohydrates and fats;

  5. provide stability and transparency of the retina of the eye lens;

  6. affect the normal development of the genital organs;

  7. has antioxidant properties, maintains youthful skin.

reduces the absorption of zinc - tannins, oxalic acid, calcium, selenium, and i
ron.Improve - vitamin B6, citrates, picolinic acid.

Which products contain zinc

Which products contain zinc

sprouted grains wheat bran, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, oysters, mushrooms, pork, beef, chicken, liver, river fish, meat products, bread, rabbit meat, legumesnuts, egg yolks, meat and canned fish, milk.

amount of zinc in the body can reduce the long-term use sweet or salty food.

daily requirement for zinc

for adults is 10-20 mg.Demand is increasing for athletes: while moderate loads (20-30 mg), competition (30-35 mg).

deficiency can be caused not only a poor diet, but also a violation of the thyroid gland, poor absorption by the body, liver and kidney disease, calcium supplementation, hormonal and contraceptive pills.

  • growth retardation in children;
  • reproductive disorders in men and women;
  • memory loss, irritability;
  • slow healing wounds, acne;
  • hair loss, brittle nails and Leukonychia (white spots on them);
  • loss of smell, taste, appetite;
  • high cholesterol;
  • poor absorption of vitamin A, E and ascorbic acid.

Symptoms of excess

When used zinc for more than 2 grams per day:
  • liver, prostate and pancreas;
  • nausea, stomach pain;
  • low immunity;
  • reduction of copper (Cu), cadmium and iron in the body;
  • breakage and hair loss.
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