Severe hair Every person is known to have some of his individual characteristics, although he may know and does not know or just do not see anything special in itself.

So the hair of each of us, too, differ in some features.They can be straight or wavy, oily or dry, normal or porous, frizzy or curly, thin or thick.

and the owner of a particular type of hair are faced with different challenges in caring for them, especially when they try to change something.For example, to repaint his hair a different color, or to make a perm, straighten very curly or, conversely, very straight hair curl.But not everyone is obtained conceived in view of the limitations of the hair.

There is also such a thing as the heavy hair that side look very attractive, drawing the eyes of outsiders.But what is their owners, it is known only to them.

Owners heavy hair constantly complain that it is very difficult for them to maintain.Indeed, such hair is not very amenable to "taming".It would not try to lift heavy when laying hair at the roo

ts, they are still under its own weight will fall down arbitrarily.And the effort to get there and then curled curls will be a waste of time and effort.Hair still straightened up and take his usual position.As a result of such hair styling becomes a torture, and have been unsuccessful.

But you can still achieve the desired results if the resort to little tricks, and knowing some of the subtleties.Although the difficulties can not be avoided.

To make bulk heavy hair to begin to apply to them an easy means to fix.But just do not gel.It will weight even further the already difficult hair weight.It is best to use a spray or lacquer.

After the head washed, dried hair with a hair dryer, bowing his head forward (the hair should certainly hang down).Then, having put on hair styling products, in the same position (as when dried) cheat on their curlers.Greater effect can be achieved by using heated rollers.Then, after the curlers on the head at least an hour, untwist it and sprinkled the result varnish without combing.And to complete the process of giving of volume to hair, can be bent his head down, a jet dryer again "ruffle" curls.Thus, curling hair, we received a bulk hair.

can still try hard to curl hair using another method.Alternately taking a small section of hair, spin each of them tight tourniquet tight and turn in the form of a snail, securing each tow band.This "hair" is best left for the night.And in the morning, untwisted strands and combing them, be sure to treat the hair fixative.

Alternatively, in order not to suffer in trying stacking heavy hair can make a fashionable short haircut.Or, at least, a step cut.It may also give more visual bulk hair.

If there is no desire to part with his beloved long hair, you can find interesting options in hair styling.For example, it is possible to braid a beautiful and elegant braid or put it around your head, or turn to the back of the head.Or braid braid, ranging from a bang, and drop it on the shoulder.Now these braids came into vogue.They are both children and adults.

will give a "flavor" of the hair heavy hair and all kinds of accessories.

Still have heavy hair is not so bad.The main thing is that they are strong and healthy.And some may even envy a hair.

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