[Image] Some diseases, such as cerebral palsy, phobias in children, family problems, stress require a special approach in the treatment, taking into account the features of child psychology.In the children's therapy is currently used many effective methods that achieve significant positive results.

In Switzerland, the famous philosopher and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung created a unique method of therapy, which is based on the fact that his hands spontaneously and unconsciously create characters and images, solving that, you can find the right way to cure the mind.This became the basis of the sand child care, which in the middle of the last century created Dora Kalf - a student of Jung used in his teaching method.

Every parent knows that the first place in the playground, which begins to develop baby - sandpit.On the beaches of the children also enjoy playing on the beach, build castles, molded mud pies.Such enthusiasm is not accidental.Sand - a remarkable material, it has a beneficial effect on the human ps

yche, soothing, creates a craving for creativity and creation, eliminating the experiences, unpleasant emotions.This therapy is for children to create an image allows professionals to understand what the child can not express in words, to find the cause of the disease.

Method sand therapy allows to resolve these common psychological problems as complex relationships in the family, peers, behavioral disorders, low self-esteem.Classes with sand to find a way to help in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases, neuroses, getting rid of fears and phobias, increased aggressiveness.Sometimes the child himself finds way to solve problems after gaining experience structural changes, resulting in a sandbox.

Another effective way - art therapy.It is based on the beneficial impact of the arts on the psyche.This children's therapy can be performed at home, in the family.To do this, you need to organize your baby comfortable, well-lit work space where the child can freely sculpt in clay, paint, glue application and other crafts.Children need to be assured that they will not be scolded for soiled clothes, table, etc.The only way they will be able to fully reflect in all his works, which is a problem that they are really worried, scared.When working with a specialist used, and theatrical productions play when a child may be in the role of a hero who has similar qualities and cope with their problems.Subsequently, he will definitely take advantage of these methods in real life.

Whatever methods of child care or apply for restoration of psyche, they are held in the form of a game.There are no strict rules or limitations.Children are given the opportunity to freely express their thoughts and feelings to a specialist could understand what prevents the child scares him, forcing to behave inappropriately.

Children's Therapy - Questions and answers

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