[Image] Regurgitation in infants - a way out of a small amount of food from the stomach into the esophagus, throat, and then the mouth.This phenomenon occurs in almost all babies and can be present even in healthy children.In this article we consider in detail the causes of regurgitation and methods of treatment.

reasons regurgitation in infants

main reason for regurgitation in infants is the imperfection of the gastrointestinal tract.In particular, this phenomenon contributes to the shape of the stomach as a "spindle", the esophagus is very short and not fully formed by the mechanism of enzymes.Therefore, during the first six to eight weeks of life the baby may spit up food.

addition to physiological factors, there are others:

  1. Overfeeding children - is one of the most common causes.Not all women can control the amount of lactation aid, often changing the mixture, and hence the nature of power.As a result, the baby may spit up daily to 10 mL of food.But much discomfort the baby does not feel well and gai
    ning weight.
  2. swallowing air when feeding (aerophagia) displaces a certain amount of food from the esophagus baby.This happens in the case of improper grasping mother nipple and incorrect position of the head.Also aerophagia occurs when a child actively sucks the bottle or breast.
  3. constipation and flatulence result in slower movement of food through the esophagus, since the baby's abdominal pressure rises.As a result, a certain amount of food back into the esophagus.
  4. wrong choice of food mix - another reason for regurgitation in infants.Many compositions are too thin, which causes more frequent symptoms.
  5. developmental disorders of the gastrointestinal tract are rare, but they require a serious long-term therapy and rehabilitation.

How to eliminate regurgitation in infants

Modern gastroenterologists recommend treating regurgitation in infants in several successive stages:

  1. Create the optimal position of the baby during feeding.
  2. Organization of optimal nutrition.
  3. medication.

During feeding the upper torso of the child should be placed at an angle of at least 45 ° and 60 ° to the horizontal.After eating the baby should be held upright for half an hour, so that will be provided free access of air swallowed.It is also important not to make diapering after eating.

Organization of optimal nutrition in the first place requires frequent feedings in small portions, but the daily amount should not be reduced.If vomiting occurs frequently, you should get special treatment mixtures labeled abbreviation AR.In their structure contains an increased proportion of casein, which promotes rapid curdling protein mixtures in the stomach of the newborn, thereby preventing regurgitation of food.Alternatively, the thickeners can be used by introducing them into the formulation.

resorted to medical treatment in the event that the first two methods to no avail.Then specialists prescribe prokinetics - drugs that stimulate the contractile function of the stomach.Recommend medications can only doctors, so in no way be engaged in self-treatment.

Finally, parents should be reminded that the best treatment - is prevention.Therefore take care about healthy eating with baby's first birthday.

Regurgitation in infants - Questions and answers

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