How quickly cure a wound sores, abrasions, cracks are familiar to every person, especially during the summer season.For children, preferring instead the movement humble sitting on a chair, wounds - and did a common thing.

The information as quickly heal the wound, there is no privacy.You can use ready-made pharmacy drugs, painkillers, disinfectant skin trauma.There and effective folk recipes that you need to keep in his kitty.Choose what you closer.


1. Faster cure the wound only if it is promptly and properly treated.If the wound is deep, does not require medical intervention, armed with hydrogen peroxide or a solution furatsilina.The injury must be cleaned of dirt and dead tissue, but it should be done very carefully.As antiseptics fit well famous and brilliant green Iodine.The wound is necessary to apply a bandage (sterile!), You need to change twice a day.

2. If the appearance of the wound has not changed significantly for the worse (there was a strong swelling, symptoms of suppuration), you need to purchase a

healing agent: Aktovegin, Dexpanthenol, Solkoseril, Eplan, ointment metiluratsilom.These drugs create conditions for regeneration of damaged cells and enhance their food.If the wound is oozing moisture, fat-based ointment does not fit - you need a jelly-like tool to excess fluid from the injured place there is.Dry the wound, on the contrary, the need to protect the film, which will go under the process of tissue repair.At this stage the residence time wound dressings without gradually increasing.This will allow both fast cure a wound and prevent subsequent scarring.

3. For small tissue injuries can safely use the popular recipes:

  • fresh graze treated pine sap (or fir, spruce) heals quickly, without festering.Of course, to collect the fresh resin of a tree can not everyone.Especially that the collection of this remedy is carried out in a strictly defined period - from last spring weeks before the first year.Therefore it is more expedient to prepare an ointment with turpentine advance.The resin is subjected to melt and mix in equal parts with fresh country butter.The double daily application of this tool will allow the wound tightened instantly.There are more complex version of the manufacture of such an ointment: spruce resin, wax, honey, sunflower oil taken in equal doses and dissolved in a water bath.This tool helps even with abscesses and boils.
  • Propolis (part 1) in admixture with a fatty base (5 parts) for a half-hour heating to 80 ° C gives an excellent healing agent.Provided refrigerated storage it does not lose its validity for a year.For the preparation of suitable ointment, cream or vegetable oil, pork, or fish oil.
  • healing properties of honey for tissue repair are known from ancient times.It can be applied directly on the wound, covering the top bandage.You can also make space for the injured honey baths.
  • wonderful healing abilities differ nettle.For the treatment of wounds using compresses impregnated with tincture of leaves or a fresh juice.Similar properties characterized, and yarrow.

How quickly heal the wound - Questions and answers

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