How quickly cure pneumonia pneumonia, known in medical circles as pneumonia - a very dangerous disease that is treated in a hospital.To improve the condition of the patient and may help the recovery traditional methods, but they are in any case should not be used as a substitute for drugs.

So the question is, how fast cure pneumonia, it is appropriate to consider only in the context of these circumstances.

turn to the treasury of folk medicine to cure pneumonia quickly and without serious consequences:

  • in melted lard pound domestic pig pour seven handfuls of bird cherry flowers (dried or fresh).Dissolve the mixture in the pan for 4 hours in a water bath, and then drain.Ointment should be poured into a jar and store in the cold up to 2 years.Before rubbing the chest is necessary to heat the mixture.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of raisins and oats (as an option, barley), pour hot water in a volume of 1.5 liters.Boil in an enamel pot with the lid closed on low heat for so long to the fluid volume has decreased by half.Then, in the stra
    ined broth add honey (tablespoon).Take half a cup during the day several times.
  • How quickly cure pneumonia, you will advise those who at least once used the following recipe.Pour into a jar half-liter bottle of Cahors wine quality roads, then add 350 g of honey, 250 g of chopped leaves of aloe.It is important for the two weeks prior to the preparation of a curative drug plant is not watered so that it has begun production of biologically active substances.The mixture insist 2 weeks, be sure to cool place.After straining balm to overcome most of lung diseases is ready.Drink it three times a day on a tablespoon.
  • 3 tablespoons of flax seed is continuously stirred for 10 minutes to one and a half liters of hot water.After this manipulation of the liquid filter, add finely chopped licorice root (5 teaspoons), 400 g of honey (lime, if you have a choice) and a little more than a teaspoon anise seeds.The components are mixed and heated at a very low heat for 5 minutes, no more.In the form of decoction ostuzhennoy take in the amount of slightly more than half of the cup 30 minutes before meals four times a day.
  • black elderberry flowers - a great tool for the treatment of pulmonary diseases.4 large floral umbrella Infuse half a liter of vodka.This should be done at room temperature okolo14 days.Drink infusion 3 times a day, and then for an hour food is not adopted.During the time you need to take a tablespoon.Of the amount of the drug is enough to hold two courses.

    6. packs with homemade sour milk (or brine sauerkraut) bring relief from pneumonia.Keep should be at least 45 minutes.After the procedure, be sure to wash with cool water faster, and dressing up in dry clothes.If you do not be lazy to hold compresses three times a day, the illness is much faster.

How quickly cure pneumonia - Questions and answers

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