How quickly cure abrasion There is no person in the world who at least once did not get abrasions - the most common type of superficial wounds.They are easy to occur in all types of physical activity, so familiar to both adults and children.

The question is how quickly cured abrasion, is not particularly difficult, because of the dangers to health and, especially, her life, she does not call.The main thing properly handle trauma and prevent her infection to the healing process took place without difficulty.

will understand how quickly heal abrasions, using simple recommendations:

  1. injure place should be cleaned with ordinary tap water.At considerable pollution abrasions better to use a soap solution.This will reduce the risk of infection in the wound.
  2. for abrasions, usually characterized by bleeding.But if it still exists, stop it with a pressure bandage.In place of the injured impose sterile bandage and tape up top.
  3. Faster cure abrasion help moisturizing treatments, such as hot baths, local.If you add sea salt will increa
    se the efficiency of the procedure.However, some discomfort and even pain will have to wait.The main thing that has not arisen to abrasion thick dry crust that will slow down the rate of healing.
  4. If the wound is in no hurry to grow with, deal with it any antibacterial ointment: Baktinom, Neosporin.In order to avoid an allergic reaction to the drug, contact your doctor.
  5. overlay patch to abrasion has to be useful, as the sore does not harden.
  1. Indicators healing abrasions are: reduction of redness, swelling and no signs of festering.If there were warning signs, it is better to err, go to the doctor.Especially, if the wound is on the face.You do not want to become the owner of the ugly scar?
  2. Traditional recipes are very helpful in the treatment of minor wounds:
  • Oil Balm has long enjoyed a reputation magical means to overcome long-healing wounds.It is made from crushed needles and butter, taken in equal amounts and mix thoroughly.This tool was applied to the injury three times a day until the wound is not delayed.
  • Aloe is known for its incredible healing properties.It kills bacteria at the site of damage, increases regeneration of tissues and removes manifestation of inflammation.Used as a ten-minute washes juice of the plant within a few days it gives visible results.Treatments, of course, need multiple.
  • about the healing properties of fat badger you tell any hunter.But to obtain it is not necessary to go into the woods for prey.Ointments and creams with this natural elixir is in any drugstore.If you apply the product to abrasion up to 2 times a day, relief will come soon enough.
  • For lovers of exotic cooking would be interesting from the fruit infusions Sophora japonica.50 g raw pour half a liter of vodka.Insist about a month.It turns out the healing beautiful cherry-colored liquid that can be used for half-dressing to the wound.

How quickly cure abrasion - Questions and answers

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