Constipation in year-old child One of the most common problems in pediatrics are diseases of the digestive tract.Because of this, there are disturbances chair, especially constipation.At risk are all the children, most toddlers.Infants suffering from disorders of the chair because of the mother's malnutrition, which affects the breast milk.Constipation in year-old child can occur as a result of the introduction of complementary foods and new products, as well as diseases of the internal organs.

symptoms of constipation in children

second year of the disease manifests itself as follows:

  • lack of bowel movements for a few days;
  • Causeless baby crying;
  • Disclaimer sitting on the pot;
  • child can handle indicate pain in the anus;
  • dense and hard stools;
  • appearance of blood in the stool;
  • pain during defecation, exhibit strong crying baby.

When constipation year-old baby chair can be daily.But feces excreted with difficulty, it is dry, a smoked sausage "or" goat poop. "The child is experiencing pain and discomfort, it is straining,

crying, but the chair comes in a small amount.If this is repeated up to 6 times per week, it is considered chronic constipation.It is accompanied by a violation of the child's chair irritability and abdominal pain.Baby stops normally eat and sleep at night.

cause constipation

Sometimes constipation in old child appears due to improper structure of the intestine or colon.This is a fairly serious diseases, which include malformations of intestine.Pathology may be insufficient plexus nerve endings, resulting in disturbed tone of the colon.

Promote constipation may also be a tumor of the intestine and the presence of polyps or adhesions.These diseases are rare and occur from birth persistent constipation.But sometimes parents do not pay attention to it, or the disease manifest themselves much later.In identifying pathology appointed surgery.

most common are functional reasons that disrupted the digestive system.These include:

  • If there breastfeeds, the wrong food the mother;
  • Low fluid intake, especially if the child lure mixture;
  • Power toddler unbalanced.Excess fat in processed foods and protein, especially for a long time;
  • Violation tone bowel because of the presence of rickets;
  • large amount of vitamin D overdose;
  • Hypothyroidism - the thyroid gland disorders;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • Lowering of hemoglobin in the blood, anemia;
  • allergic to certain foods;
  • inflammatory bowel disease, acute infections;
  • use of drugs without consulting a doctor;
  • Worms.

Constipation in year-old child may appear for psychological reasons.For example, when parents are trying to teach the baby to the pot, then sometimes blamed for the soiled pants.The child begins to fear to defecate.


When the baby constipation, you should immediately take action.Home is best to do a cleansing enema.Unlike drugs, it is absolutely harmless.Thus filled bulb need only warm water and boiled to prevent infection.It can be dissolved in water for about two teaspoons of glycerin to improve the effect.

To call defecation prohibited from using a thermometer inserted into the anus and soap.This may cause burns or injury to the rectum.If you can not use an enema, then you can paste the glycerin suppositories.Such methods are acceptable in a single case of constipation.If the violation of a chair all the time, then it is necessary to conduct a survey of the child for the presence of diseases and disorders.

year-old child Constipation in , in the absence of serious disease requires careful treatment.With the kids need to perform special exercises to improve the tone of the intestine.Be sure to balance the power of the child and mother, if there is breastfeeding.It is important to remember that any treatment must be under medical supervision to avoid complications.Only a specialist can choose the methods of recovery, taking into account the child's age.Constipation in

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