Thinking age children Baby was born, it does not have the mindset.It all starts with the knowledge of reality through the perception and the sense of concrete examples and images imprinted in the memory.Exercises and activities used in the program, helping to reveal the thinking age children up to the mark.

major role in its formation belongs to the communication through the development of speech.Mastering every year with new grammatical forms of Russian or other national language, summarizes the kid with them similar phenomena in the society, formulate relationships developing between people, logical reasoning about their own and other features.

Thinking age children is divided into two types:

  • The first type includes the traditional or convergent thinking.It is a set of criteria required to understand each child.That is, every child under school age must be detailed and precise answer to this question must be able to perform a given job carefully, without dirt and corrections at a rapid pace, and so on.In another way,
    you can still say that this kind of thinking is focused on real educational practice to advance ugotovlennoy the right decision is not always confirmed in real life, with its many-valued interpretations;
  • second kind of thinking age children include creative or divergent thinking.It is characterized by the removal of restrictions in the concept of thinking, providing more freedom in solving existing problems and overcoming mental stereotypes and existing templates.

All adults remember well from Alice fantasy world in which she accidentally fell.In order not to stay where she needed constant progress with double acceleration.Similarly, in real life, each child, thinking age children and creative gift can not tolerate samoudovletorennosti and stagnation.They exist and develop only in the dynamics.As they say: "Without imagination, there is no considerations."

Creativity in the thinking of the child is a gift of nature.But sadly mistaken those parents who take the position, "Talent always break through."Many experts and psychologists today refute this approach.They argue that talent can only exist in a constant development and movement.Thinking of your baby with the creative genius can be compared to a garden that requires tireless care and cultivation.

One of the courses of creative thinking of children of the senior preschool age is the method of Yu Gatanova.It is based on the program of the two models of intelligences J. & J. Guilford. Renzulli, with a combination of observations of psychologists and teachers participating in the classes, and knowledgeable feature of Russian culture.

exercises and activities used in the program, helping to reveal the thinking age children up to the mark.Children parties this program has the following advantages in creative thinking among their peers.They appear qualities such as:

  • Firstly, fluency.Is the ability to generate a flow of ideas at high speed to quickly make all kinds of solutions suitable for a given time objects;
  • Secondly, flexibility.It is a presence of the possibility of using a variety of strategies and approaches to solving a particular problem.As well as the ability to analyze the information from different perspectives;
  • Thirdly, the originality.It represents the ability to invent or create custom, unique situation with quick ideas to resolve them.As well as having the ability to develop specific details of the plot or ideas.

Previously, the program Yu Gatanova was intended only for gifted children.Today, it is successfully used for all children.Positive moment is due to the fact that the tasks and exercises do not contain programmed wrong answers.And every kid has the ability to deal with them in accordance with their life experience and training.

Thinking age children - Questions and answers

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