Home Aromatherapy Treatment of flavors and scents is well known for a long time.Today, nature is inclined to help more people, so the aroma to a new level.

home aromatherapy Why so popular?

volatiles aromas are able to eliminate the so-called "Fasting" aura, its immune deficiency, help to clarify and condense the etheric bodies, as well as harmonize and redistribute the energy of the person.In addition, aromatherapy has a positive effect on the emotions and the physical condition of the person.

Home aromatherapy helps to calm the nerves, have faith in yourself, get rid of the anger and chronic complexes.This is a very attractive way for each person, is simple and broad spectrum of activity.

Home Aromatherapy: application methods

Internal use

Using aromatic oils into the need to be as careful and follow some rules:

  • at a time, you can not take more than 2-3 drops;
  • Before taking the oil, be sure to dissolve the edible oil or jam;
  • home aromatherapy course should not exceed three weeks.

Essential Oils can be ta

ken with food.For example, a drip 3-4 drops of oil in the tea jar tightly and shake periodically.Aroma Tea can be taken in two days.Alternatively, oil can be added to salads or drip for bakery products.

Infusions and decoctions

and infusions, decoctions and need to cook in a water bath (the first 15 minutes, and the second 25-30).They are very perishable, so it is better to cook every day.For the preparation of infusions and decoctions metal utensils better not to use, because it gives a specific taste.Better to take a glass or enamel bowl.

Aromatic bath

Aromaveschestva dissolved in water, have a great impact on the body of each person.They dissolve in fats and penetrate into the top layer of the skin and have the desired impact.That is why the aromatic baths are so effective.

in a bath full of need to add 10-15 drops of essential oil, there can also add a little table or sea salt.Aromabath take 20-25 minutes.The course should reach at least 10-15 baths.


This method of using essential oils is the most common.A few drops of essential oils to be dissolved in two liters of water, the resultant mixture to moisten the sheets and turn it.Duration wraps should be at least 50-60 minutes.


packs differ from wraps only that they should not impose on the whole body, and in certain areas.They can be both hot and cold.


Home aromatherapy bath is especially useful.Heat accelerates the flow of vapors of essential oils in the open pores, and then distributes all the nutrients the body.


massage oil must be mixed with essential.During the massage, it will quickly penetrate the skin and irritate the majority of receptors.

the Home aromatherapy can be considered a very great opportunity not only to recover from a mental or physical ailments, but also to have fun.

Home Aromatherapy - Questions and answers

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