How to quickly remove a bruise Such an unpleasant phenomenon like a bruise, is familiar to everyone.Often enough lung injury and now he has emblazoned on the face or body.Fortunately, to get rid of a bruise is not difficult, it suffices to use recipes of traditional medicine, and it will disappear from the skin without leaving a trace.Read the article and you will learn how to quickly remove a bruise at home.

How quickly remove a bruise using cold compresses?

cold - this is the first assistant in the fight against bruises.With it, you can narrow blood vessels, thereby reducing bruising, pain relief and banning formed edema.Take the ice out of the freezer, be sure to wrap it in a towel or tissue, that tissue is not frostbitten, and attach to the right place.A cold compress should be kept for 20-25 minutes.If there was a bruise on his finger, arm or leg should be a good rinse with cold water.

Cold compresses can also be made from a solution of vinegar and baking soda.

How quickly remove a bruise using warm?

damaged skin may be war

m when the tumor has to fall down, that is a day after the injury.With warmings can accelerate tissue regeneration, thereby removing a bruise.

To bruise need to apply warm moist compresses or bags with sand and heated salt and keep for 15-20 minutes.This procedure is done at least three times a day.

How quickly remove a bruise using iodine mesh?

In place of a bruise recommended iodine mesh, as it can help to have a proper warming and anti-inflammatory effect on the damaged area of ​​skin, improve circulation of the skin and accelerate the excretion of waste products.It is better to draw on the night and the morning of the picture there will be no trace.

How quickly remove a bruise using pharmacy funds?

In order to get rid of a bruise, you can use special ointments and balms, which are sold in all pharmacies.In general, these funds should be in every home medicine cabinet.The most considered good ointment "Rescuer", a cream-balm from bruises «SOS» with the extract and gel leech "Bruise Off».You can also use heparin ointment, it helps to get rid of the inflammation, pain and fix himself a bruise.

Such pharmaceutical agents should be applied every three hours, just so they will give the maximum effect.

How quickly remove a bruise using folk remedies

onion with salt

onions need to grind to a fine grater, add a tablespoon of salt and mix.The resulting mixture was put in a bag of cheesecloth and apply to the affected area for 40-50 minutes.This procedure must be done three times a day.

cabbage and plantain

Leaflets cabbage and plantain need to knead and beat off the kitchen with a hammer.From the resulting juice compresses and apply them to the affected places.

How quickly remove a bruise - Questions and answers

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