origin of art therapy techniques occurred about 80 years ago.This was due to the need to adjust the psychological failures caused to the children, which were exported from Germany to the United States during the Second World War.In order to rehabilitate the kids were able to quality, we use different types of art.This gave the opportunity to reveal their creativity, liberated, to relieve the mind, relieve stress.

objectives of art therapy, art therapy

pursues multiple objectives.Self-expression through the various kinds of creativity allows experts to identify the main reasons that led to mental disorders in patients.Self-knowledge makes it possible for patients to develop their abilities, then find their place in society, do not feel a sense of inferiority.During the lessons to create a harmonious balance between the conscious and the subconscious.Help this has affective interaction.

art therapy possibilities are endless.It uses: drawing, modeling, creation of mosaic pictures of sand, acting skills,

and others. During the training provided a great opportunity for patients to express themselves and realize their creative abilities.At the same time work with natural materials gives a positive energy, patients develop a sense of self-esteem, belief in self-worth.For each type of class is selected individually, taking into account the personal abilities.

creative person starts to perceive the world differently, simplifies the creation of favorable relationships with family, friends, strangers.Expression of interest surrounding the results of creativity raises self-esteem, which is an important element of psychological treatment, recovery.

Application of Art Therapy

Initially, these techniques were used only therapy for the treatment of patients with mental disorders.They helped to calm patients, normalization of emotional, mental reactions, allows the patient to find his "I", to open it, which helps to ensure a decent quality of life, favorable communication.

Currently possibilities of art therapy are used in various fields of psychology and the traditional, non-traditional medicine.They have become part of family therapy.Joint creation of any creative project allows spouses to understand each other better, find a point of interaction, to eliminate existing differences.

Such techniques can create a good, productive working atmosphere in the team.Simple creative techniques this therapy makes it easy to resolve various conflicts between employees, create good relations with the head of his subordinates.

important to the development of creative abilities and in patients with cerebral palsy, children with Down syndrome.These patients often have a lot of potential that remains untapped due to the nature of relations to such people in the society.Its development is an "open window" in normal life.This ability allows you to feel full-fledged member of society.

Colossal assistance and art therapy provides patients during rehabilitation after a stroke, injuries that require restoration of motility and sensitivity of fingers.Classes with clay, sand, wood, various natural materials makes it possible to create works of art at the same time develop the muscles to fully recover after a serious illness.

Art therapy - Questions and answers

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