How to cut the boil causative agent of acute purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and the tissue around it called a boil (a boil) is Staphylococcus aureus.

Clinically distinguish between several types of boils:

  • single;

  • multiple (abrasions, localized and diffuse).

acute purulent inflammation develops on those areas of the body that have hair cover (face, neck, groin, buttocks, back, forearms, back of the hand).

Provoking factors for the occurrence of abscesses are: skin trauma (scratches, abrasions, cuts), sweating, skin contamination and vitamin deficiencies, decreased immunity and disruption of the endocrine system.Very often boils occur in adolescents during puberty.

great danger is the formation of boils in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, the nose, the nose or the upper lip, as the propagation of the infection may develop purulent meningitis and septicemia.

rise to boils can not be taken lightly, as their appearance suggests the penetration of infection in the body.The lack of timely treatmen

t, and the more independent autopsy abscess can lead to irreversible consequences.

Methods for treating boils

Until then, until pus formed, you can do the conservative methods of treatment of inflammation.At home, often used recipes of traditional medicine to accelerate the maturation of purulent head.These include: tortillas made of flour, honey, and salt;rye bread with salt;Baked onion with soap.

After maturing abscess and spontaneous dissection, pus carefully removed and the wound is treated with hydrogen peroxide.Then, dry gauze bandage is applied.This procedure is repeated every day, until complete wound healing.

If the boil is very painful, and if it is localized in the head, face or spine, and well-being has not improved and is accompanied by fever, the intervention specialist is necessary.

The formation pyonecrotic rod, especially boils in hazardous areas, conservative treatments are meaningless, which is why surgery is appointed.

procedure for opening an abscess can effectively eliminate inflammation and causes no complications and there is no danger of its serious consequences.

how to cut the boil in a medical facility?The operation is performed using local anesthesia, which provides complete anesthesia.With the help of a scalpel incision, which allows to remove the pus of the inflammation.Clean the wound, the doctor sets the drainage in the form of a rubber strip.After drenazhirovaniya and removing necrotic stem sterile dressing is applied with a hypertonic saline solution, and in some cases, apply a bandage with ointment antibacterial action.

During the removal procedure the doctor gives special attention to hygiene and safety of the patient, which prevents the blood infection.

Once cut the boil, appointed by the special procedures to facilitate rapid healing (darsonvalization, infrared radiation, UHF, electrophoresis), as well as therapeutic treatment with antibiotics.

If after surgery boils formed again, the need to pass inspection and do a complete blood count for the presence of diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of boils.

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