Children situation in which the child hysteria, screaming or crying, familiar to many parents.Soothe him therefore in such cases is very difficult to do this simply requires a special approach.Initially, I want to reveal the concept of children's tantrums and whims, and then try to understand - how to prevent them and how to fight them.

Questions of this kind of worried mothers of many centuries.But especially this problem stirred up the brain of parents in today's world, stuffed with huge information flows that have a direct effect on the nervous system weak children, especially preschool and primary school children.

So, children's tantrums and vagaries - is the desire of children to achieve by any means something impossible, unattainable or forbidden at the moment.Most often, the child hysteria without cause, accompanying it with stamping feet, shouting, crying or scattered objects or toys, tucked under the arm.All these manifestations can be considered "symptomatic" tantrums and whims of the child.Very of

ten, all the requirements of the baby quite simply absurd and impracticable.

At an early age are particularly unpredictable tantrums and causeless, as a child of 2-3 years old he really does not understand - what he wants to, and can not generalize their emotions and feelings.And even more so can not explain the mother as still can not be explained with words.

And in older age - children's tantrums and whims more awareness and so dangerous.Firstly, because they may drag on for many months, if not curbed child.And secondly, the kid is already keenly aware of how and in what ways to get things done, and sit mother, and anyone else who somehow showed slack neck.Test of strength for their own purpose can be called a sign of child harm.

In some cases manifestations of whims and tantrums frightening - it's rolling on the floor and screams and roaring and convulsive bending arc.Most often this occurs when increased attention surrounding the audience, hoping to "break" mom.And it ends when the attention is completely discharged.

Why so happens

The child can not be a priori unmotivated negative behavior.Remember this!There are always some reason to force him to do so.The possible causes of the need to understand and maximize understanding, in order to continue to prevent the occurrence of childhood tantrums and whims:

  • Fatigue - as a result of a long time without movement (including after long watching TV);
  • uncomfortable situation;
  • Inconvenient clothing;
  • Poor health;
  • increased emotional excitability;
  • sensitivity of the baby;
  • pain;
  • Funk;
  • Resentment;
  • annoyance;
  • Lack of attention;
  • Blackmail - when a child wants something, such as a toy at the store.

All surface emotions such as aggression, rage or anger, just hide under a real reason whim.And these include the above points, especially the last reason.

How to deal with

Correct this situation can only understand the true cause of negative emotions of its own crumbs.And for that you need to watch him carefully and ponder things.Most often enough - support, attention and contact "eye to eye" embrace, understanding, active listening and fairness in resolving the situation.Only after all the above can be translated attention crumbs on anything else - a story or play.

If your family are frequent childhood tantrums and whims, so you need more time to devote it to communicate with the child.Children, especially small and do not realize that my mother have to do a lot of homework and play with them all the time simply is not possible.At this stage, the kids do not understand, so do not try to explain anything.It is better to select as much free time just for his child that he saw its importance and gradually accustom him to the independent entertainment - applied arts, sculpting, painting and other games.

Now you only find out what is strictly forbidden to do in the children's tantrums and whims:

  1. concede excessively;
  2. lecturing and morality;
  3. physically punish;
  4. Ordering child imperious voice or yell at him.

Remember, you heard the child screaming optional - it is better to speak in a whisper in your ear!

Baby tantrums and whims - Questions and answers

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