Diet for poisoning in children All who encountered poisoning, do not wish such a fate anybody, let alone a child.But, unfortunately, in the latter case it is the most common and, therefore, to somehow facilitate and accelerate the healing process the baby need to know the basics of the diet for poisoning in children, which must necessarily take place, respectively, prescribed by a doctor to treat.

first and basic signs that a child had been poisoned - moods, lethargy, weakness, complaints of abdominal pain, as well as small children often draw in the abdomen legs in poisoning.For these symptoms followed by diarrhea, vomiting or nausea, may also in some cases the increase in temperature.In the first place, and it is very important Diet for poisoning in children involves a large amount of fluid intake, particularly clean water.This replenish body fluids, and will protect the baby from possible dehydration.Regarding the supply is to say that it should be as gentle, non-irritating inflamed gastrointestinal mucosa.

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lenish body fluids are glucose and water-salt solutions.You can buy them at any pharmacy.Desoldering baby need for a day by calculating the amount of liquid, depending on body weight.Babies under one year need to 150-200 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight, older children need to have 120-170 milliliters per kilogram.Every 5-10 minutes a child should be given a small amount of liquid, since large amounts can cause vomiting and again more severe nausea.In addition to the water-Molev solution is allowed to give the baby teas, herbal teas, rosehip and raisins, which must alternate.

also diet in cases of poisoning in children should be accompanied by receiving enterosorbents.However, at their reception to be very strictly follow the instructions.

Despite the fact that the poisoning of appetite in most cases, no, it is impossible to rule out food for a long time.When to stop vomiting, the baby may be offered a meal.But power does not need to feed, vomiting may resume.All the missing amount of food needs to be filled with liquid.In no case do not recommend giving your child have foods such as crackers or chips, because of their weakened body will suffer even more.

During an exacerbation of the disease in the body increases the need for vitamins and minerals.That is, the child's diet doctor in case of poisoning should be sure to include vitamins B, C and A. They help restore metabolic processes and increase the body's resistance.

for a sick child an important element in the diet are proteins of animal origin.First of all it should be milk proteins, which will improve the functioning of the liver and neutralize toxic substances in the body.If we talk about children under one year, then the best option for them - breast milk.

Diet for poisoning in children in the initial stage of the disease should include only semi-liquid and liquid food, which is rubbed through a sieve.At the same time feeding should take place in very small portions, but more often than usual.Milk in a given period to give the kid is not recommended, it is better to replace dairy products.It is also impossible to give foods that contain large amounts of fiber, these include pickled cabbage, radish, apples, oranges and more.Kashi must be prepared with water or milk, but is diluted by half.

poisoning after about two weeks, you need to stick to gentle power.Babies at this time shows the food is steamed or boiled.Thus initially it should be very liquid and with each day gradually thicken, ie after the liquid food in a couple of days should be semi-liquid, and then porridge, crushed and finally a whole.It should also be noted that the child should only have a warm meal, banned a variety of sauces, spices, raw vegetables and fruits and other foods, which can irritate the digestive tract.

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