Music lessons for children music lessons for children plays an important role in their psychological and intellectual development.Studies have shown that playing different musical instruments improves brain development.The children involved in music for 15 months by 2.5 hours per week, the amount of area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the exchange of information between the hemispheres, increased by approximately 25%.

music lessons for children can start with about 1 to 4 years.Favorite "Musical Instruments" in this age - all sorts of things rattle and noise.The kid with great pleasure playing with them, removing just the sound.It rattles can add homemade jars of grains, color them with your child in bright colors.Children looked shaken and listen attentively to rustling.More attention is attracted by the sound of kids cups and glasses.After all, they sound a different especially if they add to the water.The most important thing for a child of this age to participate in the process - to create, destroy, create, and r


making music with children should remember that for them it must always remain a game.Toddlers do not always get to knock on the beat of the music, so it is not necessary to focus his attention on the failure.Let it knocks with you one by one, or play "povtoryashki" (one knocks, and the other at this time to repeat after him), or rattles names father, mother or animals.

For children aged 2 to 5 years is considered to be characteristic: the emotional perception of the world, the rapid absorption of a variety of information, flexibility of the body, it is not sustained attention, as well as unawareness timing (ie, the child does not plan their future).It follows that to start music lessons even five-year kid there are both positive and undesirable features of the development.

But, despite this, children who began to study music at an early age, have an advantage over their peers, began to explore it with 6-7 years.This is due to the fact that children 2-5 years old will take possession of the motor and audio information on a subconscious level.

If you want the child to play in the future on any musical instrument, the music lessons children can play finger games, which are the basis of preparation.They develop subtle tactile sensation and coordination.It is known that exercise fingers and pens play an important role in the mental development of the child.

Basically making music for detetey can begin at any age - this is purely individually.Most teachers and music schools are taking training from 6-7 years.In some cases, may take and the five-year student, but only those professionals who own methodology music lessons to young children.That is, you can start music lessons from the moment when the child is fully adapted to the kindergarten.It depends on psychological development, as it is developed, temperament, focus, perseverance, inclination and interest in music.

If the child can focus and keep the attention in the course of 15 minutes, it can be assumed that it is ready for occupation.You should start with short sessions, increasing the time to 30 minutes.This process will take from 1 to 3 months.It makes sense to divide a standard 3 hour lesson per week, and gradually move to 2 x half hour or 3-4 times a week - it depends on the individual child and the tasks assigned to them.

But even if after all your effort will not kid musician, in preparation to gain the tremendous skills that are associated with a common early development.

music lessons for children - Questions and answers

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