Warts in the groin Warts on intimate places symptoms, course, appearance is significantly different from common warts on other parts of the body.Warts in the groin are pointed spines that protrude from the mucous membranes of the genitals.Such warts are called warts.

Men warts often centered under the foreskin or on the glans penis.Defeat may scrotum or groin area.

Genital warts in women appear on the walls of the vagina, at the entrance of the vagina, on the cervix, the clitoris, labia.In some cases warts distributed inside the urethra or around the anus.

Causes of warts

Warts appear in the groin in the defeat of the body papillomavirus.When unprotected contact with a carrier of the virus infection occurs.

risk factors that contribute to the appearance of warts in the groin:

  • presence of sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, thrush, herpes);
  • frequent change of partners;
  • indiscriminate sexual relations;
  • Neglect means of contraception;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • frequent stress;
  • Immunosuppression;
  • use other people's personal hygiene;
  • Non-compliance with rules for use of public swimming pools, saunas, baths (infection can occur in contact exposed areas with benches, shelves).

Classification of warts in the groin

  • Pointed;
  • Warts-papules;
  • Warts-spots;
  • intraepithelial neoplasia.

In rare cases, revealed condyloma Buschke-Lowenstein.

Symptoms of warts in the groin

newly formed warts do not manifest themselves.It may take a long time.In some cases, you may feel discomfort when wearing tight-fitting underwear or during intercourse.Warts are most often in the groin can be detected only by careful examination.

Clinical manifestations:

  • presence of bleeding and cracks;
  • Gipermiya in the affected area;Education
  • single or multiple finger-like elements (up to 1 cm);
  • Single or multiple patches of grayish-white, red-brown, pink-red hues;
  • Pronounced pigmentation and hyperkeratosis, with no finger-like protrusions;
  • Spots and papules of different shades that affect the entire thickness of the mucosa.

Diagnosis of warts in the groin

detect possible warts in the groin by visual inspection.Methods of diagnosis of the following:

  • Ureteroscopy;
  • Gynecological examination with the use of mirrors Cusco;
  • Meatoskopiya;
  • Anoscopy;
  • sample with acetic acid;
  • Histological examination;
  • colposcopy.

Treatment of warts in the groin

First of all, take into account the degree of damage, the extent and location of lesions.Held drug therapy.They are used such drugs:

  • trichloroacetic acid - a chemical is applied directly to the wart using the applicator.As a rule, used in small areas.Perhaps sores and scars.
  • Solkoderm - is applied to the wart with a glass spatula.The combination of copper nitrate, lactic, acetic and oxalic acids.

Destructive therapy:

  • Laser - removal of warts using a CO2 laser;
  • Radiosurgery - irradiation radionozhom affected tissues;
  • Cryosurgery - removal of warts in the groin with the help of liquid nitrogen.

destructive methods should be combined with antiviral and immunostimulatory therapy.

If you have warts in the groin can turn to traditional medicine.Selection of treatments varied.A widely used tool was the celandine.However, celandine only removes the upper skin warts, and they remain in place.

can wipe the area warts aloe.However, as it was not available and are good folk remedies, it should still consider the traditional methods of treatment.Moreover, the warts in the groin require delicate surgery.

If you have warts in the groin should immediately consult a dermatologist, who will give a professional answer which method you need to treat the disease.

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