Bath cellulite fight cellulite account for the majority of women.This activity is known as the most energy-intensive, costly and could be hard.And if sport is sometimes depressing, the anti-cellulite baths hit the spot, almost all women.

Bath cellulite is one of the most simple and yet effective means.With it so easy to keep in top shape, recover skin tone and even lose weight.About her and her capabilities, we'll talk in this article.

How to take a bath anti-cellulite?

There are a few basic rules of reception bathroom, knowledge of which will help to achieve the best results in the fight against the hated bumps on the skin.

Firstly, immediately prior to the adoption of anti-cellulite bath to take a shower and clean the skin well.And secondly, all the problem areas should be well promassirovat.It is recommended to use a variety of scrubs, they will help to warm up the skin and thereby enhance the effect of the procedure.

Samu cellulite bath should be taken at least 15 minutes.The water temperature should be about

37 degrees.This treatment is 10 baths in 1-2 days.

After the bath the skin should rub hot with a towel, then bundle up and enjoy the warm green tea or herbal decoction.After 15 minutes, you need to take a shower and put on the skin anti-cellulite agents.

Bath cellulite: the best views

Soda Bath

For its preparation you need 150 grams of baking soda, 150 grams of sea salt and a little lavender alcohol.Mix the above ingredients in the resulting "brine" soak for 20-25 minutes, rinse thoroughly and wrapped in a blanket.

This procedure is quite pleasant, despite the sharp smell of soda.With soda bath, you can soften the skin, making it supple and smooth.

Lemon bath

Take 8 lemons, cut them into small pieces and pour mineral water, preheated to 70 degrees.Steep for 2-3 hours.During this time, the lemon water will saturate all the nutrients.The resulting lemon water pour into the bathroom, the remnants of the fruit can be wrapped in gauze and immersed to the same too.Take the bathroom for at least an hour, it will contribute to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as well as align the skin color.

Bath with sea salt

For its preparation you need 300 grams of natural sea salt.It should be diluted in warm water and add to the bathroom.Luxuriate in a "sea" need some water for 30-40 minutes.To add such a procedure can be pleasant music and aromatic candles, it will allow you to relax fully, and even feel the resort.

With the "sea" bath you can not just get rid of the hated bumps on the skin, but also calm your nerves and also get rid of fatigue.Do it on a regular basis, and the result will not take long.

Bath cellulite - Questions and answers

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