Pustules on the face meet a man on the street, we first draw attention to his face.Immediately begin to notice the condition of his skin is.

Since the sebaceous gland in each man work differently, the skin responds to changes in the body individually.Very often, the problem of the body appear on the face as a festering pimples.

Why are there festering pimples on your face?

Mainly spots appear in places where there is more oily skin.In the manifestation of acne in these areas affects the hormone testosterone and estrogen.Why they occur is very difficult to detect, but it is possible, after some observation, to determine in what period of purulent acne pour most.

example, purulent acne on the face may appear before menstruation or after eaten a large quantity of sweet or fatty foods.

determine the approximate cause of acne, you can try to avoid such situations or to take measures to reduce the rash.

How nutrition affects the appearance of pustules on the face?

Since sebum is produced by sebaceous glands, and is directl

y dependent on the state of the stomach and intestines, it is important to limit the use of certain products that cause your acne.

Acne can occur due to the lack of fat or amino acids, as well as due to the use of excess carbohydrates.Acne in some people and promote alcoholic beverages, especially sweetish taste.

of acne occurs before menstruation.In addition, there is nervousness and bad mood.

Means of struggle with purulent acne on his face:

  • gels against pimples.When there are acne, consult a dermatologist.You doctor may prescribe treatment with gel or Skinoren Baziron;
  • To combat acne, you can use cosmetic products, which are based on drugs.These tools include Bioderma Siberium and Aknomega 200. They effectively and promptly resolve the problem with acne on his face;
  • If you have to face a lot of painless papules acne can make a mask out of clay.To prepare it Dissolve three teaspoons of water half a teaspoon of sea salt or regular.Then, to the mixture, add two tablespoons channyh any clay, more suitable to your skin type.The best way to handle the problems of the skin blue clay.The resulting mask is necessary to stir until smooth.

Face wash with cold water and apply the mask on your face.After twenty minutes the mask is washed off with cool water or removed using wet wipes for removing makeup.

When clean skin will have a dry, moisten it with a moisturizer that is applied to the face with light circular movements.

Important!During monthly forbidden to use any masks and peels, except for the above mask.

pustules on the face - Questions and answers

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