For each person is very important strong and healthy sleep, especially for women in the same position.In such a period, pregnancy, many expectant mothers begin to feel a frequent stress, fatigue and irritability, causing sleep problems.For insomnia, the body of the future mother severely depleted, running in full mode, thus it can carry all the baby experiences a mother myself.This condition can be very dangerous for both mother and for her child, so with insomnia during pregnancy should be fought from the first sign of symptoms.

cause insomnia during pregnancy

Most of all pregnant begins to feel sleep problems all over, and about 90% may suffer from lack of sleep by about the third trimester of pregnancy.The reasons in sleep disorders may be enough, and they can be both psychological and physiological nature.Begin sleep problems can from the first weeks of pregnancy.For example, in the third trimester it is quite difficult to put on the bed, and thus some women may appear heartburn, belching and pai

n in the lumbar and seizures.Apart from all this, an expectant mother can also be itchy skin, and the baby can not sleep and thus infinitely to the bathroom.In this case the situation could get worse in the sense that if the same will be present constant stress, fatigue, and feelings about the upcoming birth.

Three types of insomnia during pregnancy

If you can not sleep and constantly flips from side to side, then we will focus on starting insomnia.In this case, the expectant mother can often think of the upcoming birth, and to think all experienced the events of the day.

If the expectant mother is not able to keep his dream, it is the second kind of insomnia.In this case, you can constantly waking up during the night, respectively, in the morning you may have a feeling that you're not sleeping.

third sign of insomnia means waking up in the morning, go to sleep again, I did not get.

It should be noted that most often occurs at the start of pregnancy insomnia.We remind you that insomnia should be to fight and to ensure your body properly rest.Do not forget that at the time when you are sleeping, your body replenishes the energy expended stocks of the day.So in case of lack of sleep, it can adversely affect your body.Phase of slow and fast sleep can alternate throughout the night.The interval between them is usually about two hours, and after 120 minutes the dream will come back to you, as the terrible desire to sleep usually occurs precisely during REM sleep.It is also recommended to calmly react to the appeared insomnia, thus you are able to take the first step in the fight against it.

Insomnia in Pregnancy - Questions and answers

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