The definition of pregnancy without the test. Some women with hope and trepidation waiting for hints of pregnancy, and others the opportunity plunges into shock.But any of them are equally eager to learn the correct answer in the shortest possible time.Way to confirm their suspicions and learn a lot about the pregnancy, but the best and most reliable - is, of course, a visit to a gynecologist and a pregnancy test.But do not always have time to visit a gynecologist or use test, fortunately, there are fairly reliable determination of the possibility of pregnancy without the test.

How to define a pregnancy without the use of the test?

measurement of basal body temperature is one of the first acts to determine the pregnancy, particularly if it is carried out daily schedule.Pregnancy and even the date of ovulation correctly formatted chart will confirm if the temperature exceeds 37 degrees.This method as compared to the test much credibility.

carefully looked closer to your body, every woman will notice changes and easily define pregnancy without the test.The main thing to remember that these symptoms should not be taken as the final verdict, it is only indirect signs.The most common and well-known sign of pregnancy - a missed period, but do not just sound the alarm and rush to take a pregnancy test.The only reason for such a hurry - active sexual life, in this case the pregnancy is indeed possible, and it is better to confirm as soon as possible.After a delay may occur not only due to the pregnancy, and as a result of taking medication, an illness, stress, or other factors.

next pregnancy symptom appears in a couple of weeks after conception - Hypersensitivity and breast swelling.Changes to the breast immediately noticeable, it is impossible to touch, because even a slight touch they respond - swell and ache.Darkening of the skin around the nipples and view vennaya mesh also point to an interesting situation.

Apathy, drowsiness or fatigue also contribute to the definition of pregnancy without the test, and they've seen since the first days after conception.The restructuring of the body for pregnancy and increased job hormone "progesterone" that oppresses the mind - these are the main causes.

aversion to smells, increased salivation, and nausea - classic signs of pregnancy for a long time.Originating in the 2-8 week, they tortured more than half the women in the morning during the long 9 months, only a few lucky women only at the beginning of pregnancy.Along with salivation and nausea and vomiting may occur several times a day and be accompanied by a change in the olfactory and taste sensations, and loss of appetite.On the other hand vomiting acts as a defensive reaction, because thanks to vomit the body is released from the rejected and toxic substances.Unwanted and a significant reduction in body weight of women provokes increased salivation, and if the saliva enters the stomach - gastric acidity changes and entails a violation of the digestive function.

definition of pregnancy test without very likely when a craving for certain foods and an increase in appetite, change in taste preferences because of appetite, and going from the very first days of pregnancy.Love of vanilla ice cream or pickles optional, thrust can occur to any product.

All of the signs of pregnancy symptoms rather indirect and uncertain, but often it means the emergence of a new life.Browse them right is very difficult to interpret, because the definition of pregnancy test without a very complex and deceptive.Of course, the reaction of the organism should be carefully studied.Thanks to the first signs of pregnancy can make preliminary conclusions, but do not reach a verdict.After all, if there are many factors pointing held conception, it is best to consult a gynecologist, who is able to dispel all doubts and to assure a wonderful new status of "expectant mother".

definition of pregnancy without the test.Signs of Pregnancy - Questions and answers

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