Ginger cough Fall and winter are great times of the year.Autumn lace mesmerizing yellow leaves, and winter white sparkling snow cover.But, unfortunately, it is in the autumn and winter months, the human body is most susceptible to the effects of harmful bacteria and microbes.

There is a universal tool that effectively relieves symptoms of cold-related infections and helps to cure many diseases.

That remedy is ginger.This is very useful and is often used in Eastern countries, spice we have is not very popular.Very interesting can be considered the fact that in translation from Sanskrit is called Ginger - a universal medicine.There are mentions of ginger, from the first century BC, when it was widely used as a warming agent, as well as in the treatment of digestive functions.Ginger is also used in cases of poisoning as an antidote.

Widespread use of ginger as a spice due to its versatility.This root can be used in pure form in the pickling and salt, brewed from a tea, and use in a mixture with lemon and salt.Usuall

y sold in stores two types of ginger - dry and fresh.Dry ginger is more pungent taste, fresh - more fragrant.

Ginger has a wide range of medicinal properties.We recommend using ginger cough, diarrhea, pain of various localization and cold.Quite often, many of the leaders among the most popular use of medicinal herbs ginger yield on the content of medicinal substances.

Indian doctors recommend regular use of ginger during the month.It is believed that this could lead to a complete cure of many diseases, as well as an increase in sexual desire and rejuvenation.Perhaps this should not be surprising.Because ginger contains not only a large number of mineral oils, and vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and lots of minerals.

Application ginger cough is most urgent in our country, where seasonal epidemics of colds frequently.

To reduce the cough with the help of ginger, you need to take it in the following ways:

  1. necessary to cut a piece of ginger the size of half a centimeter, peel and put in your mouth.Ginger need to suck for quite a long time, as long as it appeared at first lost tingling.
  2. necessary to stir 1 teaspoon of ginger juice with salt and take this mixture before eating.
  3. When the first symptoms appear it is recommended to take a cold bath with ginger.This requires a boil in 1 liter of water 2 or 3 tablespoons of ginger powder for ten minutes.Then you pour the broth into the tub with warm water.Time receive a therapeutic bath should not exceed 20 minutes.After the bath, you need a good wrap yourself in a warm robe and lie under a blanket.If ginger bath to attach a cup of tea with honey and lime, the effect of taking a bath will be stronger.
  4. can cook ginger jam.It helps not only to cough and colds and indigestion.For its preparation is required to dissolve in a glass of water half a cup of sugar, add one tablespoon of ginger juice and simmer until a thick syrup.Then you need to add a small pinch of saffron jam and nutmeg.

Also very interesting is the ancient Indian recipe.Using ginger cough on the basis of this recipe, you need to add the boiling milk strong tea, then the grated ginger.Pour the mixture into the cup, add honey is required.

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