First aid for poisoning food chlorine poisoning carries a great danger to human health.Pure chlorine is a yellowish-green color and is characterized by a sharp, suffocating odor.The severity of chlorine is much higher severity of the air, so it can spread to different surfaces premises - on the floor, ground, as he can easily fall into the basement.Each person needs to know how to provide first aid in cases of poisoning by chlorine, since the gas is highly toxic.

This element, in contact with air favors the formation of hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid.Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent, however could easily be dissolved in water or other liquid.This substance is widely used in everyday life, chlorine is used in the manufacture of various solvents, as well as plastics and insecticides.

high content of chlorine in swimming pools can be found, where it is used for disinfection, as well piped drinking water is treated with it.Mass poisoning by chlorine possible if the industrial accident has occurred, and in everyday life

can be poisoned as a result of non-compliance with safety regulations.First aid for poisoning by chlorine is necessary because it can cause great harm to the health, even cause swelling of such an important body as the lungs.

There are four degrees of severity chlorine poisoning: 1 - mild, 2 - moderate 3 - severe degree, 4 - lightning degree.Mild lesions characterized by affecting only the upper respiratory tract, they will be angry for a few days after the poisoning.The average degree is characterized by the preservation of consciousness, but at the same time, there are recurrent attacks of breathlessness.Severe characterized by brief interruptions of breathing and loss of consciousness.Lightning degree - the most dangerous, if it is observed immediate laryngospasm, stops breathing, loses consciousness, death occurs within a few minutes.

First aid for poisoning by chlorine is primarily the fact that the person you want to display on the air.However, if the severity of the medium or heavy, these actions will not bring the desired result and the choking stops.Therefore, you must immediately call an ambulance.After you called it, an urgent need to wash the injured nose, mouth and eyes, using the two-percent solution of soda (food).Status poisoned person can improve somewhat, his eyes dripped oil, olive or paraffin.In addition, if there pain may help 0.5% tetracaine solution.

First aid in case of poisoning with chlorine - Questions and answers

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