Wormwood medicine In nature, there are a huge number of various herbs and other useful plants.Each has its own unique unique properties that are beneficial to our health.Perhaps among the grass it holds a special place wormwood.

valued it for its healing qualities extremely useful, somewhat bitter taste and a wonderful aroma.In this article you will learn about the role of sage in medicine.And, above all, it is worth noting that there are two main varieties of this plant - Artemisia vulgaris, and tarragon.

mugwort and its importance in medicine

Common wormwood - a medicinal herbaceous perennial plant, reaching a height of one and a half meters.The stem of his direct and dropped a few, small reddish flowers.Wormwood can be found on the territory of Russia almost everywhere.Collect it in abandoned pastures, forest edges, meadows, and even disturbed roadsides.

Common wormwood has been used in medicine since ancient times man.On it the unique properties has been known since Hippocrates, and Avicenna.Modern medicine uses

the roots and tops of plants, cut during flowering - from June to September.Mugwort contains many useful components - vitamins B, ascorbic acid, essential oils and other substances.

drugs, of which consists of the grass, improves appetite and activate the digestive process.In addition, they have a calming, tonic, blood-forming, mild laxative, choleretic and healing action.Most herbal teas based on mugwort recommend eating at various neuroses, insomnia, epilepsy, colds, flu, menstrual irregularities in women and some other gynecological ailments.

Traditional medicine uses this plant also as a carminative.From it is prepared compresses, copes with bruises.Most of the wormwood include all kinds of herbal teas and.Use it invaluable to humans.But you should know that this herb is contraindicated for all expectant mothers.In case of overdose manifest jitters.

tarragon and its importance in medicine

tarragon, also known as tarragon is a perennial herb with high straight stem.In this case it is not omitted, as is observed in mugwort.The small flowers have a pale yellowish tint.Plant height reaches one and a half meters.In Russia, he was greeted almost everywhere, collected during the flowering period - in August and September.

Usually used for medicinal purposes to cut the tops of wormwood flowers.They contain a number of valuable components of the composition - ascorbic acid, essential oils, various organic compounds, carotene, rutin, and others.

tarragon wormwood medicine is used as a tonic and diuretic.The plant in the various preparations enhances the secretion of gastric juice.Extracts of this herb is recommended for digestive disorders, gastritis, dropsy, scurvy and flatulence.

tarragon can be used as a food ingredient by adding it as a seasoning in fish, meat, salads, a variety of soups and broths.Drinks it attaches special pleasant aroma.

Thus, wormwood medicine has been widely used.On its basis, prepare unique preparations, infusions, decoctions, fees, teas.It is incredibly useful.

Wormwood medicine - Questions and answers

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