whitening folk remedies has long been known that the use of milk and tea tree oil significantly strengthens tooth enamel, neutralizes odors and prevents gum disease.But what if your teeth have lost their original brightness and glare?In this article we will talk about how the teeth whitening folk remedies.

Soda for food for teeth whitening

Perhaps the baking soda is a popular option of teeth whitening folk remedies.As a rule, it makes a highly concentrated aqueous solution, which is then dipped during brushing toothbrush with paste.If desired, it can be mixed with soda paste, in this specific case, its taste is not strongly expressed.

Baking soda copes with its task - gives your teeth a dazzling white.But to use it should be once a week.It is capable of destroying tooth enamel, which in the future may lead to more serious problems.

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Hydrogen peroxide

- one of the most popular tools used in bleaching the enamel.It is often included in the special whitening gel.Its application in the home

does not cause difficulties.After brushing your teeth should be thoroughly rinsed them with hydrogen peroxide, spit and rinse again, but clean, warm water.The result you will see very quickly, in just a couple of weeks your smile is dazzling.

not forget that hydrogen peroxide can lead to some negative consequences.Frequent its application significantly reduces the density of the tooth enamel.As a result, the teeth become more vulnerable to external harmful influences and much faster collapse.

Wood ash tooth whitening

When tooth whitening folk remedies often use wood ash.It is a great fertilizer, of which consists of potassium hydroxide - a chemical compound excellent bleach the tooth enamel.Wood ash is mixed with a tooth powder or paste.

This tool, like baking soda destroys enamel and damaging the gums.For this reason, it must be applied once a week or more.If desired, you can replace wood ash particulate activated carbon.

Berries tooth whitening

Berries as a bleaching agent are valuable because they are natural and harmless.Using them is simple - just cut the pulp and brush your teeth.Then be sure to use toothpaste or rinse your mouth well.After all, the berries contain various acids and glucose, which should not be long in contact with the enamel.

course, teeth whitening folk remedies effective.You can use any of the above means and assemble them, but do not forget about the possible negative consequences.

Soda for food, hydrogen peroxide, as well as wood ash gradually erode the enamel.With frequent application of on the surface of the teeth appear cracks and holes.Therefore, do not overdo the use of these funds, in this case, the teeth will be healthy, and the smile is charming.

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