Perhaps the unique opportunity salt man known for a long time.In distant times salt is greatly appreciated, and gave it as a gift.It is also considered a symbol of hospitality.To date, the salt is an integral part in cooking, and is widely used in medicine.

Sol is a unique preservative.You know, but the solution of common salt is another very powerful absorbent.For example, a salt compress often helped save people during the Great Patriotic War.Medics and doctors who worked in hospitals, wounded soldiers were applied to wounds cotton cloth soaked in a saline solution.This method of treatment is very effective, and even get rid of gangrene.Salt poultice is an isotonic solution that promotes elongation of purulent wounds.Just a few days, the wound becomes absolutely clear.

In ordinary life most people to relieve sore throat use different rinsing.Many people use at home saline compresses.

Prepare a poultice is very simple.The solution is prepared from 100 g.salt to 1 liter of water.The resulting solutio

n was impregnated in multiple layers piled bandage or cotton cloth.After that, salt compresses applied to the sore spot.As a result, this has a beneficial effect on damaged skin, formed after injuries, bruises, blisters and ulcers.This procedure is very simple and effective.

addition, there are also hot salt packs.For their preparation, you need to take 2 tablespoons of salt per 1 liter of boiling water.After preparation of the solution, soak it in a small towel and apply to the affected area.These packs have an excellent warming agent.Through capillary action to enhance blood circulation and relax the body begins to actively feed on micronutrients.

There is also a dry and compress.For its preparation, heated to 50-70 degrees salt was placed in a tight bag.Keep it should be as much as you can tolerate, but not more than 40 minutes.If you can not tolerate such a hot compress, then wrap it in a towel and continue treatment.

Remember that to get involved in such procedures is not necessary.Best of all, before you start to be treated in this manner, consult your doctor, who will tell you you can be treated by this method, or you can not.

Sounds a bit strange, but many people use salt for cooking salt clothing.For the preparation you need to bring the saline solution (described above) and soak it in woolen garments.These include: gloves, shirts, scarves, socks.This method impregnated things is used as a compress salt.It is especially helpful in sciatica, arthritis and colds.A sick person should be carefully wrapped, and inappropriate clothing removed to dry brine.

Remember that salt is a very valuable gift of nature.It is able to cure a person from many diseases.Be healthy!

Salt wrap - Questions and answers

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