Mountain celandine warts Our wise ancestors were able to exist in harmony with the environment.They revered Mother Nature, but it was taken from her best and most useful.After all, the ancient people learned to use the power of herbs, directing them to the miraculous power to fight various diseases.This knowledge

people cherished and passed from generation to generation, thanks to the healing properties of plants today are used in folk medicine.

One such miracle herb - it celandine.According to the speaker the name is easy to understand that the healing properties of plants help to cope with some skin diseases and cosmetic defects.The main active ingredient of celandine - is its juice.It is the liquid yellow-orange color, slightly bitter taste.

Celandine and warts

Who has ever faced such unpleasant phenomenon as warts, knows firsthand how much inconvenience and discomfort deliver these neoplasms.Therefore, get rid of the pesky growths once and for all - it is a normal desire.Fortunately, that medicine today offers a huge

number of ways to remove them.However, before trying to do it surgically, you need to at least try to get rid of warts less aggressive methods.And here comes to the aid of celandine.

most natural way - is blurring growths juice of fresh plant several times a day for three weeks.Under its influence the wart will turn black after a few days turn black and eventually disappears.The most active and effective is the juice, which is located at the base of the stem.

but often find fresh plant is not so simple, given that it is time to gather the main celandine medicinal purposes - this summer.Fortunately, in many pharmacies can easily buy drugs, made on the basis of this herb.Perhaps the most popular of them have earned a good reputation in the elimination of various cosmetic defects - a balm Mountain celandine.

it helps Mountain celandine warts?

Balm as the primary substance contains the juice of celandine.In addition, the drug contains extracts of herbs growing in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLake Baikal, which also have medicinal properties.

With Mountain celandine warts can be removed in a couple of weeks, but the main advantage of the balsam that combats drug cause of the tumors - the human papillomavirus.

Dosing medicines is simple: the contents of the vial should dip a cotton swab and burn it in the build-up for 5-7 minutes on the face and about 10 minutes on the body.To conduct this procedure should be 3-4 times a day.In a few days and the wart will begin to darken and crust.When the tumor becomes almost completely black, you need to stop treatment.At the end of 10-14 days, the crust will disappear and in its place will be a new healthy skin.

a word, of all the pharmaceutical products on the basis of this healing balm plant Mountain celandine removes warts more effectively, but do not forget some precautions.

Firstly, the means should not be used for the treatment of children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Secondly, we must remember that celandine, especially its extract can cause burns, so it must be used very carefully, avoiding healthy skin.

Mountain celandine warts - Questions and answers

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