It has long been observed that the use of folk remedies surpass modern medicine medication drugs.For many centuries, for treating any skin diseases, using compresses Vishnevsky.Cooked cream was named in honor of Russian military surgeon Alexander V. Vishnevsky.

itself ointment has a dark brown color and has a specific smell.This ointment is an effective remedy.She is also very affordable and inexpensive.It is used to treat skin diseases.Action ointment comes in a fairly short period of time.

in the ointment include:

  • Birch tar, which is a natural therapeutic agent capable of activating blood flow to the tissues.
  • xeroform - this component helps kill bacteria and assists in the rapid healing of wounds and injuries.
  • Campfire oil has a positive effect on the skin, and increases the impact of the first two components.

According to reviews, then compresses Vishnevsky actively used people suffering from varicose veins.Most doctors often advise their patients to use this method of treatment.The main adv

antages of compression is low cost and relatively high efficiency of treatment.

Recipes compresses Vishnevsky

At home, make a compress Vishnevsky very simple.For the preparation you will need to take a broad gauze and apply a thick layer of cream on it.Next, a layer of gauze to put on a plastic bag or a special compression paper.If you want to get the maximum result from such a compress, it must be kept for 6 hours.Also, we recommend repeating the treatment a few days a compress to alleviate the condition.

also have a similar

compress compress is often used among professional athletes, as easily relieves pain caused by heavy physical exertion.It is used for the treatment of bruises, swelling and to relieve pain in the ankle joints and tendons.So, apply Vishnevsky ointment on the affected area with a layer of 1-2 mm.Next you need to soak the bandage, folded in several layers of gauze bandage or 70% alcohol.Thoroughly wring out and attach to the body.Until about two days a poultice can be worn.

Besides all this, Vishnevsky ointment can be used together with Goulard.It is worth noting that the process of setting compress almost identical.The only exception is that imposed on the ointment napkin should be wet Goulard.

to treat boils need to soak the gauze with ointment Vishnevsky.Above the napkin to put polyethylene and secure a compress bandage.Vishnevsky ointment pathological pull content from the wound and clean it.In the same way it can be treated and acne.

Remember that the Vishnevskiy compresses are effective and completely safe.They can be used for both adults and children.

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