The harm of passive smoking Passive smoking - is unintentional (often forced) breathing air polluted by tobacco smoke.During passive smoking occurs poisoning by carbon monoxide, nicotine and a number of other harmful substances.The harm of passive smoking on human health are much higher than is commonly believed.It is proved that when the man in the smoke-filled room for 8 hours is equivalent to smoking five cigarettes.

harm of passive smoking on the body can be immediately or after some time.Side effects of passive smoking, arising at once - it is irritating to the eyes, nose, throat and the entire respiratory system.People who do not smoke are more susceptible to tobacco smoke, they may experience headache, dizziness, nausea.Also harmful passive smoking is that it can provoke an attack of asthma or exacerbate cardiovascular disease.

Deferred harm of passive smoking - is the damage that occurs after a certain period of time.This damage is expressed in the emergence of various diseases serdchechno circulatory, digestive an

d respiratory systems.Passive smoking can also cause lung cancer.

harm of secondhand smoke to children

Children from families where at least one parent who smokes are more susceptible to colds and the emergence of broncho-pulmonary diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia).These children are different in poor health, they often suffer from an early age.Immunity have significantly reduced.Also secondhand smoke interferes with the proper development and the formation of the child's respiratory system, slows down the development of the lungs.Tobacco smoke adversely affects the development of mental abilities.Nicotine, which enters the body through cigarette smoke, blocking the development of creative thinking in children.This leads to poor performance in school.

In the future children who are forced, to breathe tobacco smoke from their parents, will be different in poor health and increased susceptibility to smoking.

harm of passive smoking for people to quit smoking

Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous for people to quit smoking.Inhalation of tobacco smoke such people have re-started the mechanism of nicotine addiction, again formed a craving for tobacco.And in most cases, these people can not stand again appeared craving for tobacco - they start smoking.Because of this, ex-smokers are obliged to stay far away from smokers.

harm of passive smoking - Questions and answers

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