Diet cystitis

Cystitis is a disease in which inflamed bladder wall.Cystitis is chronic and acute.Patients often visit the toilet and urinating feel pain.Cystitis is an acute form easily cured, but the chronic form of the disease is more complex in terms of treatment.Since the bladder is associated with the work of the kidneys, in order to facilitate the patient's condition is recommended diet with cystitis.

Remember kidney active Sutra and day.So try to basic load on the bladder falls at this time.Consequently, the most high-calorie foods you must eat in the morning or in the afternoon.For dinner, it is best to prepare light meals.

If you give the organs at a time when they need to rest, for example, at night, it turns out that they are working continuously without interruption.When inflammation is best to avoid additional burden on the diseased organs.

Depending on the nature of the disease in cystitis diet prohibits eating the following foods:

  • In the chronic form is forbidden to eat fat and high-calorie food.
    It is also strictly forbidden canned food, spicy seasonings and sauces, smoked products;
  • In the acute form give up alcohol, eliminate the use of salt.In small quantities drink coffee and tea, as these drinks are aggressively act on the mucous membranes of internal organs;
  • strictly prohibited pickled foods and dishes with hot spices.You also can not eat smoked products.

As you can see, diet cystitis strictly forbids eating salted, smoked and spicy dishes.By eliminating these foods, the patient's condition will improve very quickly.

Cystitis any form of doctors recommend to comply with sparing diet, in which you must eat vegetables, fruits and dairy products.These products give the body strength to fight the bacteria that cause inflammation due to its ability to lead active work of the kidneys using vitamins.

If cystitis is recommended to drink plenty of fluids.Due to water and other drinks from the body harmful bacteria will be displayed.It is useful to drink cranberry juice, which is able to actively fight bacteria.To effect of juice it was necessary to drink at least 800 mg per day.

very useful to eat chalk, which perfectly removes inflammation.

In chronic cystitis need to eat as much as possible diuretic and antimicrobial products.For example, watermelon, melon, grapes, asparagus, parsley, pumpkin, celery and pears.Quench their thirst recommended Morse and compotes.The daily intake of liquid at least one and a half liters of cystitis.

Sample menu with the disease:

  • Breakfast: milk porridge, vegetable soup, salted cheese, pasta or cheese.Also you can drink kefir or juice;
  • Lunch: the first can cook beetroot soup, cabbage soup, borscht soup or barley.Soups should be free of fat and salt.The second can be cooked porridge, noodles, steamed vegetables, cooked meat, steam meatballs, boiled fish.You can quench your thirst with juice, compote or jelly;
  • Dinner: Make pancakes, cottage cheese casserole, muffins or salad.

Diet cystitis should be observed for one year, even if the disease is over.Follow the recommendations and be always healthy!

Diet cystitis - Questions and answers

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