The plot of the boils inflammation of the hair follicle - boil (a boil) caused by Staphylococcus aureus, begins its development under the skin with the appearance of painful seal in the center in due course there festering.Single boil without treatment can lead to furunculosis (multiple boils).

Why do I get boils?

Education boils can be caused by: a metabolic disorder, failure to comply with hygiene melted, hypovitaminosis, hypothermia, the presence of cuts or cracks in the skin.

If you get an infection in the human body boils can be located in different parts of the body, with the scalp.Especially dangerous is the boils on his head and face, as there is a risk of inflammation in the transition and development of the meninges meningitis.

traditional treatments

Very often people suffering abrasions, trying to get rid of it by using folk remedies: onions, potatoes and aloe, buckwheat, dandelion, nettle.Excellent results in the treatment of this disease provide: a mixture of elderberry and red wine;vodka infusions of cale

ndula, juniper and water;ointment from plantain and olive oil;cakes of honey and rye flour;milk and lotions from the leaves of burdock;bee products.

boils long time, boil brings human suffering that makes him resort to unconventional methods, which include conspiracy of boils.

The plot is based on national poetic verbal formula, which has magical powers.Faith in the word plays a major role in the treatment of boils, causing in the unconscious man push a mobilizing force of his body against disease.

Currently, it is not necessary to seek assistance from traditional healers and self-sufficient to conduct special rituals.

positive result depends on the correctly executed actions (rites, rituals) that accompany the plot from boils, as well as from medical infusions prepared from herbs.When an abscess is vital that the useful rules: protection from the sun and the body content in purity, the use of special skin cleansing wipes, creams, water-based soft soap (non-fat).

Procedure Action

Before starting actions rewrite the text from the plot boils at a blank sheet of paper, learn it and always keep on hand.Then ignite the spark and during the reading of the text prizhgite molten wax sore point, cross over it three times.

following incantation: "Like any God's creation there is no price, because the disease has no place on my body!How old dry grass so dry on, and I have a sore dried up, it would not disperse widely but not blushing.Mother Nature, I will bless, and give back ailment bored!How Chatterbox every tree does not grow, so now boil and will not happen!Amen. "

On stage appearance boil recommended to use the ointment, prepared from vegetable oil, tea tree oil and propolis (in equal parts).Ring finger to rub this ointment on the affected area and cut around them three times around the boil, while repeating the ritual words: "Finger that name is not, boil this place is not here.Forever Sgin, go away from me.Amen. "

precise performance of simple manipulations with a firm belief in success is sure to help you make a speedy recovery.

Conspiracy of boils - Questions and answers

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