Than to treat boils on the body

Very often the human body there are boils.The first thing the owner of this beauty, it begins to squeeze out.To prevent the occurrence of lymphangitis or lymphadenitis is not recommended to engage in such business.There are other more effective and the best methods of removing unwanted growths.Let's take a closer look at how and what to treat boils on the body.

In no case not squeeze pimples pus!If you do not heed this advice, you can spread the pus accumulated throughout the body, which can lead to very bad consequences.

If you have a boil on the body, consult your doctor.It is an experienced specialist will be able to tell whether a tumor is benign or not.Remember!Boils on the face and "malignant" growths need to be treated only in a hospital under the supervision of doctors.

Furuncle at an early stage of manifestation usually has a red color and a thick tip of the rod without purulent.How and what to treat boils on the body, so as not to harm your health?

tips about the treatment of boils on the

legs, buttocks or upper arm:

  • Before treatment procedure must be carefully cut off the hair around it.In no case do not shave;
  • Prepare the skin salicylic or boric alcohol, iodine or brilliant green.Cleaning is necessary to start from the periphery to the center of the boil;
  • Boils To help as quickly as possible to mature, put a bandage with ointment ichthyol.Procedures should be carried out as long as he did not boil will reveal.Also ihtiola can be applied ointment Vishnevsky, who also is getting better every day in the form of a bandage;
  • When the boil will reveal no longer be applied ointment pulling pus.It is recommended to handle the wound with a cloth soaked in hypertonic saline solution, which is prepared as follows: one glass of water is added just two tablespoons of salt.These bandages must be applied to the affected area at least twice a day;
  • Once the festering mass exited with boils, it should be treated with antibiotic ointment.For example, levomekol, baneotsinom or erythromycin ointment;
  • to boost immunity is recommended to drink vitamin complexes that improve the resistant properties of an organism;
  • Once the wound is dry, so she quickly healed, recommended solkoseril ointment three times a day.

If your body very often and in large quantities boils appear, it means you are sick boils.To recover from it in addition to the above actions necessary to strengthen the immune system by means of special preparations.Also, it does not hurt to check blood sugar levels.Since purulent acne very often disturb people suffering from diabetes.

Now that you know how and what to treat boils on the body.The main thing is not to abuse drugs and be guided only by the recommendations of experienced professionals.

Than to treat boils on the body - Questions and answers

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