How quickly cure psoriasis psoriasis, or just psoriasis is a skin disease, which is characterized by the appearance of red patches that are scaly and dry.Quite regularly, the disease occurs in adults.This can occur in situations such as increased anxiety or mental stress.

It happens so that the disease can be a family.Until now, the causes of psoriasis are unknown.So how quickly cure psoriasis?Let's deal.

Psoriasis occurs as follows: on the skin spots appear with small scales, which form the undulating layers that can spread to the periphery of the island with a diameter of 1 cm. There are times that the skin can be completely covered with this rash.

feature of this scale is the color - bright white.In places like the scalp, elbow and knee rash can remain quite a long period of time.

Mystery of psoriasis has not been disclosed to this day.Of course, there is such a term as a researcher multifactorial disease does not explain almost anything, except for the fact that psoriasis is able to appear at any time and from almost anyt


Before talking about how to quickly cure psoriasis, it should be noted that psoriasis is a chronic disease and fully recover from it is almost impossible.The trick is that it can go on their own without any treatment, or may be such that bit you-don't-get well, and it is impossible to recover.

Causes of psoriasis

Today there are a large number of assumption about why psoriasis occurs - infectious, genetic, viral, metabolic, allergic, neurogenic, endocrine, and many others.Researchers fairly regularly discuss the fact that psoriasis occurs because of the strong emotional tension or stress.

But there is one advantage - psoriasis is not a contagious disease.Much Fortunately, no one has died from the disease.The patient retains the clarity of mind, not in pain, not immobilized.But there are cases that the disease causes failed destinies, bringing to a variety of neuroses, to the destruction of the family, as well as changes in the psyche.


Unfortunately, today in the world there is no drug that could cure you of psoriasis for life.You can only increase the time when the disease is in the "sleepy".There are cases where specialists prescribe patient treatment - drugs such as lotions, creams, ointments, along with drugs that are administered by injection or taken orally.At the same time, drugs and their doses should be selected strictly individually.

Maybe someone remembers a time when pharmacies could be found and purchased solidolovuyu ointment.She was such a feature - relieving the condition, as well as softening and exfoliating plaques, a few of which were lost over time, once and for all.Such cases could be observed in children, or in the places where the disease is fairly quickly.

Recently, the most popular purchases solidolovoy ointment on the basis of "Magnipsor", which took some serious tests on a large number of patients with psoriasis.And we can confidently say that this ointment has established itself as a fairly effective medicine because it contains all the necessary components.

This will be very useful in this disease ultraviolet light, and the best option, where we can get a great level of ultraviolet radiation is the sun.People who suffer from psoriasis, it is recommended to carry out a large amount of time in the sun, and in winter to visit a solarium once a month, because ultraviolet light is prevents the spread scales.

Hopefully, this information will be useful to you, and you will not have the question arises: how to quickly cure psoriasis?

Good luck!

How quickly cure psoriasis - Questions and answers

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