Under furuncle meant purulent inflammation of the character as the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues, under the influence of pyogenic bacteria, usually staphylococcus.Usually, boils occur only in the area of ​​hair follicles and are localized on the face, neck, back of the neck, arms, legs, lower back, buttocks and groin.


The reasons of occurrence of boils may include:

▪ dirty skin;

▪ damage to the skin of a different nature;

▪ weakened body;

▪ hypothermia

Treatment boil

To treatment of the formation on the skin should be treated with the utmost seriousness and care.You should know how to open a boil properly to avoid complications.

singly located boils, as a rule, do not give complications.Sometimes it may be a little discomfort.

If boils are located on the face, especially in the nasolabial triangle, or on the upper lip, may occur serious complications (thrombophlebitis facial veins, infection of the cranial cavity).In this case, the patient will experience fever, chills, h

eadache, sepsis may occur or meningitis.

can not pierce, squeeze the boil in order to avoid such complications.

boil Treatment depends on its location, extent of the disease and the availability of related complications.Boils without the presence of complications are treated on an outpatient basis.

Before there was pus, can be carried out ultraviolet rays exposure, which will completely cure this education for a few days.At the stage of maturation practice obkalyvanie boil antibiotics, spending 1-2 procedures per day.Also to that end superimposition on the problem area ihtiola thick layer (several times a day), washing it with warm water.Such procedures performed before the moment when the autopsy will happen boil.

can also use salicylic acid or salicylic sodium crystals that are applied to the infiltration layer of 5 mm and fix dry bandage.After a few days in the middle of the boil occurs rod.Remove the rod can only be separated from its infiltration, using forceps.Tearing rod is not recommended to prevent the spread of purulent infection.

For this purpose, after the opening of the boil, the wound treated Furacilinum, hydrogen peroxide, and the healthy skin around it is handled alcohol solution of brilliant green, camphor spirit and others. In order to reduce treatment time, using physiotherapy techniques - quartz, UHF, etc.

Furuncle with abscess formation, it is best to open surgical technique, since it is necessary to remove the purulent inflammatory focus.This procedure is performed using a local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain.The main purpose of opening the boil is to ensure drainage of pus.

In severe disease, the appearance of the patient's soft tissue swelling, it should be hospitalized in order to control the development process, and to avoid complications.If you raise the body temperature is shown to bed.

So, armed with the information about how to open a boil, you can avoid serious complications.

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