Platinus Lashes (Platinus eyelash) - a novelty in the world of cosmetology, take care of eyelashes and eyebrows, a solution based on oil.It has many useful features, it includes natural ingredients, does not require regular use and easy to use.The manufacturer guarantees 100% result - eyelashes and eyebrows in the short term will look more attractive due to its length and density.Platinus solution for the growth of eyelashes is sold in packaging similar to the usual bottle of mascara, and also has the same brush for easy application tools.

Platinus Lashes: how much it costs and where to buy

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Price Platinus Lashes eyelash and brovets:

  • in Russia - 1190 rubles.
  • in Ukraine - 399 UAH.
  • in Kazakhstan - 5990 tenge
  • in Belarus - 349 000 BYR.

Properties solution Platinus Lashes

Platinus - it is not a remedy and does not have in its composition of chemical components.Its main property is to help people with a lack of vitamins in the body, in the period of rehabilitation after an illness, genetic disorders, people with disabilities and all diseases that cause hair to thin out, fall out, become weak and dim.Of course, healthy people and already have an attractive appearance Platinus Lashes is not contraindicated, they can also make your eyelashes thicker and fluffy for a long time, or just keep them in the correct "form".

solution is strong enough special actively working formula, thanks to a neutral composition is hypoallergenic which means that will not harm the eyes, non-irritating and does not impair your vision.Apply Platinus Lashes can all have allergies and those who are simply cautious about the use of new products.

solution for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows not only nourishes the hairs vitamins and making them stronger, but also activates the action of the young follicles, promotes their emergence and rapid development in these healthy hairs.Ongoing studies show good results using Platinus Lashes, for example, 100% of subjects in 97% of hair follicles are updated eyebrows and eyelids.

After applying a special brush for ever Platinus solution is not necessary to wash off.You just need a bottle with a solution to always have close to a free moment to energize tired cilia or eyebrows.

Platinus amounts due to the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes

Composition means Platinus growth of eyebrows and eyelashes

Components Platinus Lashes as simple as effective.This natural growth promoters does not cause irritation, absolutely neutral, but can revive "dormant" follicles back to life, strengthen them to keep from dying old.In addition, the composition is not harmful to the eyes, on the contrary, reduces fatigue, does look radiant and alive.So:

  • Castor oil. it is known to many as a particularly useful ingredient for any hair.He is able to greatly accelerate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, make them stronger, thicker, stronger, longer.

  • Biocomplex coniferous plant extracts.Useful composed Platinus Lashes that strengthens hair follicles and stops hair loss, prevents this process.Most eyelid suffering from minor scratches: coniferous organic extracts heals microcracks, making velvety skin around the eyes.

  • Humic acid. This biogenic stimulants for better growth.They act directly on the hair structure.They have anti-allergic effect.

  • Generating gel VOM. To enhance the action of the solution Platinus Leshez need a formula that allows you to quickly penetrate into the cell structure, for it is added to VOM.Also, the gel has an absorbent and antimicrobial action.

All these components in combination provide the maximum effect and perfect result to everyone who uses cosmetic means Platinus - a beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows.

Application Platinus to lash

On the regularity of use of the solution is out of the question.Use Platinus Leshes on the clock, how to drink tablets, is not necessary.But a requirement - the application of funds only to clean the eyelid skin.The only caveat: the solution is absorbed on wet surfaces.So if you wash, then dry with a towel, if you give way to tears, you just wait until the desire to cry will be held, and the cilia are dry.

Trichologists (hair experts) recommend the following mode of application of the solution for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows:

  1. Daily apply Platinus Lashes have people who need to recover prone to hair loss.

  2. To maximize sustainable impact Platinus Lashes applied on the eyelids should be at least 4 times a day.


course, everyone dreams to be more attractive.And not the last role in this matter given to a person, namely the eyes.Our eyes are expressive and eye-catching make the eyelashes and eyebrows.Therefore, beauticians and engaged in the invention of the most effective and hypoallergenic formulations, improve natural ingredients enhance the existing formula.

One of the most modern beauty is Platinus Lashes.Regardless of the regular use of it feeds the bulbs and hair structure causing them to rapidly grow and be strong.Regardless of the regularity of the application, the result is guaranteed by the manufacturers, and that his eyebrows and eyelashes:

  • color saturation, bright;
  • thick;
  • strong;
  • long;
  • dense.

real reviews of Platinus Lashes

Real reviews about Platinus Lashes

A lot of cosmetics, used for the fair sex, expressive eyes.And many left as positive reviews and negative.Specifically, the solution for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Platinus Lashes can be read here is:

Galina, 27 years

I use a lot of ink, even more than once a day, and so my cilia become weak, sometimes even fall.My beautician advised means to strengthen, and it seemed the most effective special solution Platinus Lachaise.I bought it and began to use at bedtime.But one application per day was enough for me to get a good result and wanted to leave a positive review: has not yet passed and a month, I noticed that my lashes are much longer and thicker eyebrows and do not require painting.

Julia, 30 years

saved me from falling out of eyelashes only solution Platinus Leshes.I've been sick, and was treated to restore me to recommend vitamins, nutrition, walking.But I also decided to take their looks.I fell out almost all of the lashes, do not speak about brows ... As recommended solution is applied on the eyelids 4 times daily.Believe me, helping me.Even without makeup I am beautiful.

Valeria, 21 years

I dropped out after giving birth not only the hair on the head, but eyebrows and eyelashes.Of course, it is necessary to improve my health, but for complex treatment, I began to enjoy Platinus Lashes.I must say that at first I did not notice any effect, leaving a negative review or even abandoned.But then a week later I realized that no one falls eyelashes longer, and if you compare the photo a month ago, it was obvious that the eyebrows have become much brighter.Again began to use Platinus Lashes, and I believe in a good result.

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