beautiful smooth skin tone indicates the absence of health problems, the ability to care for themselves, and eliminates the internal zakompleksovannosti.But, unfortunately, most people have to work hard to achieve a positive result.Consider the methods by which it's possible to improve the color of a person in the home.

Care Face

How to quickly improve the color of skin

One of the main conditions for a uniform tone facial blood circulation is good, which is responsible for the delivery of nutrients to skin cells.Provide that the right skin care.There are the following mandatory steps:

  1. every morning start with washing in cold water.This will help the skin to wake up, close the pores and removes fat, which stood out for the night.It is useful in advance to prepare the frozen cubes of broth of herbs (chamomile, mint) or green tea and clean their skin.

  2. Clean the skin with the help of special tools for cleaning of dirt and grease residues.It may be cosmetic soap, lotion or gel for washing.

  3. Wipe skin tonic, which will restore the n
    atural acid-base balance, relieve inflammation, dryness, remove the skin redness.

  4. final stage of daily skin care is its nutrition and hydration.In cold weather, cosmetologists recommend to apply a nourishing cream morning and night moisturizer, but warm - moisturize the skin morning and evening to feed.Thus, the skin receives daily sufficient moisture, and all it needs vitamins and nutrients.

Such care requires the skin both morning and evening.A cosmetic products should be chosen according to the age factor and skin type.For assistance, it is desirable to contact a qualified technician to accurately define the type and find the right makeup.

addition to daily care not to forget one or two times a week to make peeling face.To do this, use the exfoliating agent.This cleansing of the upper layer of skin to ensure uniform color over its entire surface.Designed to cope with the challenge of oatmeal scrub, ground coffee, sugar or salt.Choose the most suitable peeling.

How to improve the color of skin vitamins and nutrition

How to improve the color of skin - vitamins and nutrition

equally important factor, which affects the color of a person is a healthy diet.Pale color with a grayish tinge - a sign of vitamin deficiency.The first thing you need to try to solve this problem in a balanced diet, and if you can not, drink a course of vitamins.There are some rules of supply affecting the color of the skin.Let us examine them in detail.

  1. Eliminate from your diet harmful products. This salty, sweet, smoked, fried, spicy, coffee, alcohol, nicotine, soda, and snacks that contain a lot of preservatives and chemical additives.

  2. Eat foods that contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. For constant regeneration of skin cells need protein - it is lean meat of birds and animals, beans, all kinds of fish, dairy products, dietary fiber (whole grains, whole wheat bread, vegetable food), as well as beneficial unsaturated fats, which are rich in vegetable oil, cold pressed, salmon, mackerel, herring.

    simply irreplaceable for skin beauty vitamins A and E. The first one contained in the liver, butter, cream, fatty fish, carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, greens, salad leaves, apricots, melon, plums.Vitamin E rich sunflower seeds, nuts, grains, peas, corn, soy, eggs, liver and vegetable oils.Regular use of these products will not only provide nutrition to the skin beneficial trace elements, but also will bring undeniable benefits throughout the body.

  3. for smooth tones facial skin hydration is extremely important , which will provide drinking enough fluids.To improve the complexion, drink at least one and a half liters of clean water a day.For these purposes, it is best suited spring, mineral or melt water without gas.

masks that improve skin color

Masks that improve skin tone

Another effective and accessible to all by that affects the skin color are masks that you can prepare yourself at home.The result will appear instantly, immediately after flushing.

  • Good whitens the skin fresh cucumber.Use only the grated vegetables, or even add to it a tablespoon of honey.

  • for masks will fit any citrus (lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit).The secret lies in vitamin C, which performs the function of whitening.Just soak the sponge and apply the juice on the skin.

  • evens face mask of any dairy products.Owners of dry and normal skin type is preferable to use sour cream or fat cottage cheese, and for oily skin is best suited yoghurt mask.

  • winter when no fresh fruits and vegetables, for the mask, you can use grated raw potatoes, adding a spoonful of flour and honey.This mask should eliminate pigmentation of the skin.

  • Carrot Mask: grate finely large carrots and add 1-2 tsp.spoons of honey.This mask will give your skin tanning effect due to beta-carotene, which is contained in it.

  • With natural ground coffee can also make the skin tanned.For this mask using coffee grounds.

Before you apply the mask is recommended to put on clean face for fifteen minutes once a week.

Video tips on how to improve the complexion and skin condition (algae mask):

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