cracks in the corners of his mouth quite a frequent phenomenon that occurs for many reasons.Before you rush to experience all sorts of means and methods, is to understand the reason of cracking corners of the lips.

consider the main reasons

  • Of course, at first it is worth remembering the impact of adverse weather.For example, in the winter under the influence of the cold lips start to crack and weather-beaten, not to mention the fact that many licks them, in this case, their damage is inevitable.And in the summer due to dry air and high temperatures, the kind of dehydrated lips, from which they dry.

  • As strange as it may sound, his lips cracked later colds, rather nasal congestion.The fact is that when we breathe blocked nose mouth because of what appears on the surface of the lips, the excess moisture in the winter is frosting, and in the summer too quickly evaporates.

  • appearance of cracks in the corners of the mouth can be triggered even malocclusion.

  • Vitamin deficiency, especially a spr
    ing, has a detrimental effect on the shell lip, leading to thinning, dryness, flaking and cracking.All this from a lack of vitamin A, B, C, E.

  • Cracked corners of lips may indicate an imbalance of moisture in the body, as well as allergic reactions and even fever.Sores and cracks may even be infectious or viral origin.For example, herpes and stomatitis, are the most common diseases, as a result of which the entire surface of the lip is covered with cracks.And with Staphylococcus cracks appear in the corners of the mouth.

  • In today's world, no woman is to exist without cosmetics.Here are more and more often manufacturers forget that cosmetics should decorate, not to harm.Therefore, at this time to all the other problems, and poor-quality cosmetics added.

What will happen if you do not pay attention to the emerging cracks?

If the lips crack, we feel an unpleasant sensation from different movements that pull the skin of the lips, a smile starting and ending banal chewing food - there is mild pain and bleeding lips.At the same time lips become more susceptible to all sorts of infections, the treatment of which will not do hygiene.

Consider treatment chapped lips

Consider treatment chapped lips

The first appearance of dry lips need to use moisturizers.The simplest and most common means - a chapstick, which includes petroleum jelly.She also serves as an excellent preventive tool for the protection of the lips, especially in cold weather.Besides lipstick can be used as a wetting agent in pure petrolatum, sour cream, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe, and other specialized ointments and creams.

to help heal mouth and massage the affected areas.Use a soft cloth gently massage the affected area and then apply to this place a drop of honey, the healing properties of which will accelerate healing.

Another folk remedy that is used to soften and moisturize the skin of the lips is an ointment.The structure includes only natural ingredients (teaspoon of pork fat, which is mixed with two spoons of honey).This ointment should be applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin after a meal.

Also at the time of treatment will have to abandon the use of cosmetics.To restore the immune system and increasing the tone use special vitamin complexes.Do not be amiss for the skin of the lips, and the entire body as a whole, the increase in the diet of foods rich in vitamins.

If the cracks on the lips for a long time, do not go in the corners of the lips or sores appear, is to see a specialist for tests and the establishment of a true disease.Since the cause might be a serious viral diseases.

Prevention chapped lips

better time to take preventative measures, so you do not engage in treatment.

necessary to drink plenty of fluids, especially in winter when it's cold. can not lick your lips. Saliva contains enzymes that cause irritation.Use regular hygienic lipstick to moisturize.If you are often in a dry place for a long time, you need to spray the spray on your face, and use air humidifiers.

not eat much spicy and acidic foods.Also, eat foods that are rich in vitamin B.

video about perleches lips - treatment at home:

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