Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic - cosmetic (tonic) based on herbal infusions to stimulate hair growth, strengthening, improvement and shine.It is full of vitamins that nourish the hair follicles, so a good alternative reception vitamin complexes inside.Apply it only at home.The result is noticeable from the first application.Let us understand more ...

How much is Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic and where to buy?

price of money in Thailand about 129 Thai baht ($ 4), on Amazon can be found for 18─20 dollars.In Russia, selling for 700─1400 rubles.The price of such a large scale in our country, because everyone wants a different weld.You can buy just the online store to order and wait 1─4 weeks for this to help Google.

Properties tonic Audace X-Tra Reactive

Hair loss can be the cause of a lack of vitamins in the body, metabolism, stress, bad ecology, and many others.This process can happen suddenly, can progress almost unnoticed for many months, and as a result of faded, rare, weakened hair.Of course, bald
ness may be caused a serious illness, but in this case using cosmetics in combination with medication.

Tonic, which included many herbal extracts present - Audace X-Tra Reactive especially useful for deficit of vitamins in the body.It nourishes the bulb from the outside, affect the structure of the hair - thickens them, smooths scales.

genetic predisposition to baldness, mostly men, need time to identify and at the first sign of hair loss used Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic.Means "awakens" bulbs, improves blood circulation in the capillaries of the scalp.

If you're just unhappy with the appearance of their head of hair: dry split ends, dull, dirty quickly (zhirneyut).In this case, a tonic to strengthen the hair will improve the look of your hairstyle with the first application.

Ingredients tonic for strengthening hair

Composition Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic

means Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic contains ethyl alcohol for people with oily hair is good news.There are some chemical components that complement to any cosmetics: PEG40, perfume, some parabens.

Natural ingredients: panthenol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, menthol, citric acid, linolenic acid and the acid, camphor and others.

and herbs: nettle, field horsetail, yarrow, rosemary, sage, lemon balm and so on.

Benefits and harmsAudace X-Tra Reactive Tonic

Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic

Thanks to the rich composition of the action means to strengthen the hair is directed to the solution of many problems (including the scalp).Here and prevention:

  • simple strengthening of the structure;
  • seal fine hair;
  • smoothing, which makes hair shiny;
  • food follicles.

and treatment of hair and scalp:

  • sage wonderful antiseptic, in combination with other herbs, he will remove the inflammation quickly eliminate fungus restore the sebaceous glands.

Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic as a means of strengthening and nourishing fast stop baldness.Apply the tonic can be combined with other therapeutic or prophylactic agents to enhance the effects.In this case it is possible to achieve sustainable results for a long time.

Despite the usefulness of the tonic, it can cause an allergic reaction. This is because it combines a lot of plant concentrates.For example, people with individual intolerance of some component may occur an allergic reaction to Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic.To do this, carefully read the entire composition tools and apply a few drops on the skin, so in a timely manner to avoid trouble.

More bad news - it means is addictive until you use this tonic for hair growth, then all super once a month not to use it, then start to climb hair.But maybe that's just me, my other friend did not notice this.Even then it is impossible to dry the hair tonic hairdryer head as burning!

But after using the hair stopped falling out instantly.


to clean wet or dry hair after shampooing, applied the necessary amount of Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic.Rubbed, massaged my head, about three minutes.Rinse unnecessary.Then stack as usual.The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week.If there are serious problems with the hair, the first week 1─2 procedure repeated daily.


Visible results can be seen after the first application: hair will look healthier, shinier.If you do not need treatment, then repeating the procedure 2─3 times a week, you will notice that rare pogustela hair, hair color has become more saturated and placed them become better.

longer treatment demand weakened and falling hair.First time use tonic after each shampooing.Just a week later you will notice that the hair stopped to leave the head.From this point you can use less toner, the result secured.

reviews Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic

Reviews Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic reviews Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic

Stop baldness is not so easy as it seems.Not every vehicle on which is written "from falling" so is.Read carefully the composition - is to take care of customers, and even more so to choose a real, high-quality product.Many negative reviews written about all kinds of tonics, masks, shampoos, which can not stop the process of hair loss.But there is a positive feedback, mostly women, who Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonict liked immediately.

Dmitri, 35 years

I soon began to go bald.For me, this situation is considered a concern №1.I do not want to look older than his 40 years because of his bald head.I got on the positive reviews that tonic for strengthening hair Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic can deal with my problem.After 10 days (and I have my skull every other day) noted: the hair stopped falling mass, new growth is not started.And this thanks to the producers.It may even have to try any means in the complex.

Alina, 26 years

In my life there have been a number of developments that have a negative impact on my health: appetite, dental problems were, fall much hair ... The doctor says that it is the effects of stress, appointed sedatives and still there at-melochi something.Of course, I try to keep myself in vitamins, stop smoking, walk more, but it does not awaken my interest in life.A friend flew to rest in Thailand and brought me a tonic Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic, very praise.I enjoyed them 2 weeks, and then I had red spots on his head.Though hair is no longer as straw, combed good, so much did not fall, but now I chesuchine red spots on the head.

Vyacheslav, 49 years

I've tried all sorts of means of hair loss.Many help, for example Platinus V, but maybe addictive and "die-off" is continued after a certain period.Change means - and again the same story.That bought Audace X-Tra Reactive Tonic.Good thing it is not necessary to wash off, but smells strongly, better to sit at home after a while.It really works, little burns after votresh the scalp and, most importantly, at the temples I began to sprout small dark hairs.I'm just glad.
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