Over the years, the body produces less of substances that provide the skin elasticity and beauty.Also, a loss of skin collagen and hormones.All this leads to the formation of a skin region devoid of fat.They give the face flabby and sagging appearance.

For any woman these processes are inevitable, and many of them are willing to pay for expensive cosmetic treatments and even agree on plastic surgery to prolong their youth.It is scientifically proven that it is possible to push back the age change for some time, and improve the overall condition of the skin at home.
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Tips for skin elasticity

Tips for skin elasticity

Before facelift to analyze your lifestyle.

  1. necessary to organize a healthy diet: to limit the consumption of coffee, sweet, salty, fatty and smoked to give up carbonated drinks and food, which is composed of emulsifiers, and chemical additives.

  2. for skin hydration is recommended to drink up to two liters of water a day, especially in the mo
    rning.Before going to sleep, on the contrary, the drink should be restricted.

  3. devastating effect on the skin carries out smoking and drinking, especially strong.

  4. appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin provoke the ultraviolet rays of the sun, a sun deck, strong winds and frost.It is therefore desirable to protect the face from the sun and bad weather before going out to put on the face of protective equipment.

  5. collagen is dependent on adequate oxygen saturation of the skin cells, so is recommended as soon as possible to spend more time outdoors.

  6. Teach yourself to sleep on your back, on a low cushion as a pillow Touching a person with blood circulation and stimulates its strength.

  7. facial muscles need exercise as well as the body.Regular exercise stimulates the blood circulation of the face, it breathes and produces the very substance of which it lacks age in order to maintain flexibility and elasticity.

  8. Pay due attention to the face, do not forget about all the stages of skin care in the morning and evening.That the skin to function properly, it is necessary to clean, tone, nourish and moisturize it every day.Enormous role played by care.They are selected according to age and skin type.In addition to daily care, it is important to regularly use the pull-up face masks.

elaborate on the last two points, as they are key to the facelift at home.

facial massage for skin tightening

Massage the face for skin tightening

Before starting the massage, clean the face, wash your hands with soap and stand before a mirror.

  1. Within a minute preheat light stroking face with his hands, head for the massage lines: first, from the center of the chin to the ears, and then from the nose to the ears, and, finally, from the eyebrows to the hair.

  2. Then fingertips walk from the cheeks to the temples, from the outer corner of the eye to the nose.

  3. Stroke massaging clockwise center of temples.

  4. nibble a little skin on the massage lines.

  5. slapped in the face in the same direction.

  6. little pushing, walk over the skin cams.

  7. Stroke person moving from the center of the face to the hairline.

Perform massage twice a week for ten minutes.To enhance the effect, you can use cold-pressed vegetable oils: for all skin types suitable olive oil, peach and grape seed, and for the type of fat is best to use sunflower or castor.

exercises facial muscles

no less effective for a facelift are the exercises for the muscles that are easy to perform, without interrupting any homework.

  1. tightly close your mouth, and inflate it right then the left cheek, as if the ball is pumped at a time in different directions.

  2. Similarly, rolls the ball from the top of the lower lip.

  3. With all forces pull the lower jaw forward, straining his neck.This is an excellent method of prevention of double chin.

  4. Twist his lips and blows air, imagining that the dust is blown away with any object.

  5. do the same thing, just blow short, quick jerks.

  6. now practice your muscles cheek, pronouncing the letter "u" and "i" in turn.

  7. next century will be training.For this look up, down, then right, left.Do not twist your head, hold it straight.

  8. Strongly close your eyes, then open.

  9. quickly closes his eyes a few times, and then relax them.

  10. Try as much as possible to open their eyes.

Try to perform each of these exercises seven times daily.

Home Recipes masks for face lift

Home Recipes masks for face lift

Good results give facials prepared at home.Use them better after the massage the skin once or twice a week.The components may be different but only natural.Next, consider the ingredients that have a lifting effect.

  • Berry Mask. suit any fresh berries.You just need to stretch them with a fork.

  • mask with olive oil. Mix a spoonful of oil with an egg yolk and a couple of drops of lemon juice.

  • protein mask. It may be only a mask of a protein or a protein, you can add a tablespoon of any flour and a few drops of essential oil of rose or fennel.

  • clay masks. Any cosmetic clay diluted with water until mushy state.It is possible to add one of the above mentioned essential oils.

  • Mud Mask. diluted with water similar to a clay mask or instructions.

Any of the masks applied to the skin only after cleaning and wash off after fifteen minutes.After the procedure to get rid of the feeling of tightness, moisten the skin nourishing cream.

using home methods is quite possible to tighten the skin.In this case, important regularity and perseverance.

Watch the video about the non-surgical facelift system Maddzhoi Carol (here demonstrates how to do facial massage, as well as provide useful tips for caring):

Author: Marina Ivashchuk for TutKnow.ru