whitening strips Celebrity Smile - it is a professional tool for use in the home, anyone who thinks their teeth white enough.In view of this thin flexible strips coated with the working side of the gel.They are easy to use and do not harm health, effective and give positive results in the short term.Strips - innovative cosmetic certified have passed the necessary testing in which the fixed stage and timing of bleaching, Research Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Russian Federation confirmed the safety of Celebrity Smile.
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cost Celebrity Smile and where to buy

Our blog TutKnow.ru no trades, please do not write us in the comments to the review of issues related to delivery and payment, andany complaint.Buy teeth whitening strips for Celebrity Smile can be the official online store by clicking on the banner below:

Celebrity Smile

Price Celebrity Smile:

  • in Russia - 1490 rubles.
  • in Ukraine - 399 UAH.
  • in Kazakhstan - 5800 tenge
  • in Belarus - 339 000 BYR.


White teeth should not be a luxury, the beauty of a smile depends on the attractiveness of appearance and, in particular - face.Over time, white fade, is the destruction of enamel and other troubles, tea, coffee, cigarettes ... It's inevitable things, because we do not just smile and talk mouth.When it wants to bare his teeth less in conversation or to stretch his lips in a smile, we begin to think - "how to fix it?".Want quick results is clearly visible and stable.Celebrity Smile teeth whitening strips for all this can give:

  • Berezhnaya work. As part of Medical hydrogen peroxide does not damage the enamel, there is a part of aggressive chemicals, stains from food but successfully eliminated;

  • Easy. No need to resort to additional purchases, pay for expert advice and work or do lengthy procedures.Convenient combination of professional staff Celebrity Smile and simple application - bleaching can occur in your home in the bathroom.

  • efficiency. strips Manufacturers say that the tone of the enamel that you have today will be brighter for 5 tones.

  • quick results. After the first use of whitening strips Celebrity Smile teeth noticeably brighten.After 7 days, the daily care you get white teeth and beautiful smile.

  • sustainable results. When the enamel to brighten the end of his tone, the color will keep for a year.


enamel whitening gel - this is the work of elastic material, repeating the form of strips of teeth.It includes no abrasive components, but there is a professional material - Medical 6 percent hydrogen peroxide.

How to use teeth whitening strips Celebrity Smile

Celebrity Smile

The package put 14 bags, each of them with 2 strips (superimposed on the upper and lower teeth).

procedure is not time consuming and does not change your routine hygiene.Manufacturers offer three simple techniques:

  1. surface to be cleaned of accumulated dental plaque by rinsing with plain water or a special professional staff - conditioner.

  2. Take one sachet of Celebrity Smile, take out and remove the protective strip plyonochku.Working side gel impose a number of upper teeth gently to the edge of the gum line and stacked.Repeat the procedure with the lower teeth.

  3. 30 minutes gel (whitening strips) leave to act.

  4. 're shooting everything that was is stuck on, rinse your mouth with water and go smiling.


Professional tool Celebrity Smile takes effect as soon as the working surface of the gel comes into contact with the enamel of your teeth yellowed.The procedure is simple, but it takes half an hour.When you shoot whitening strips, will immediately notice that the teeth become whiter (not transparent).These are the first results.But to get white teeth your mouth a long time, you must repeat the procedure with the label strips daily for a week.After 7 days, 5 turns white enamel colors and stay with your teeth for months.Then, if the result you want, you can repeat this simple activities through 3─4 month.


In general, except for the use of your appearance, teeth whitening strips for Celebrity Smile do not have to bring anything, let alone destroy.Although it is said that beauty requires sacrifice ...

There is a moment in which the gel stick with the hydrogen peroxide to the teeth is not recommended: the poor state of the enamel.The enamel of the teeth may have to be destroyed or overly sensitive, so it is best to consult your dentist if you personally have doubts.

reviews whitening strips Celebrity Smile

Reviews of Celebrity Smile Whitening Strips

It is fashionable to be beautiful and to use the latest inventions cosmetologists.Here and bleaching agents for teeth is the same story.A lot of positive feedback, even more negative reviews, but not about Celebrity Smile.Apparently, often available for sale fake bleach with questionable composition.Be careful and always read the composition of the bleaching agents.About these strips you can read the following reviews:

Lisa, 20 years

For me it is just the way innovation: I smile professionally and follow the white smile is simply obliged.Good thing there are strip - easy to use, carefully and with professional results.I do not resort to emergency bleaching with Celebrity Smile, and do it as a preventive measure once a week.While it turns out to maintain the beauty and smile happily.

Xenia, 28 years

long thought, read reviews and finally bought a whitening strips Celebrity Smile.Seven days of carefully whiten teeth, and clean, and even suffered a burning sensation where the teeth are very sensitive.And as a result: two weeks back teeth become yellow.A friend has concluded that it is smoking.Although written in a review that the traces of smoke destroyed.

Veniaminovna Elvira, 35 years

long wanted to make their teeth whiter.Where implants, teeth remain light, but their - hopelessly darken.Dentist recommended bleaching agents, the most convenient and efficient for today - Celebrity Smile.I really enjoyed the whitening strips 7 days, doing all the instructions, and I can say with a clear conscience leave positive feedback.Use, do not be afraid, everything will be fine!

video about teeth whitening strips:

Celebrity Smile
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