mask Saksk Derma Care »- this is the dirt from the bottom of the Saki Lake, which is perfectly nourishes and moisturizes, rejuvenates the skin of any type on the body and face.It has many positive qualities.Application is simple and does not require consultation with physicians, provides excellent lasting results, effective from the first procedure, it is used by professional beauticians in salons, but do not need to pay and free time for the procedure - it can make a home.In Europe, the product being tested 100% tested and confirmed the improvement in their appearance.

cost Saksk Derma Care and where to buy

Our blog no trades, please do not write us in the comments to the review of issues related to delivery and payment.Buy mud mask for facial rejuvenation and body Saksk Derma Care can be in the official online store by clicking on the banner below:

Price Saksk Derma Care:

  • in Russia - 1290 rubles.
  • in Ukraine - 349 UAH.
  • in Kazakhstan - 5400 tenge
  • in Belarus - 330 000 B

Useful properties of healing mud Saksk Derma Care

Everyone knows how the negative effect on the skin poor environment and constant stress due to the healing qualities of the mask helps to recover and cope with age-related changes of any type of skin.Whether it dry, deep and fine wrinkles, spots or age spots.This is a 100% alternative to salon procedures.If you do

mud mask on a regular basis, then for a short time, you can get a stable result: an elastic, moisturized, smooth with beautiful healthy skin color.Rejuvenation will continue for a long time.

masks in general, but on the basis of Saki mud in particular - one of the most effective and fastest ways to give your natural skin young healthy appearance.Chemically aggressive and hard abrasive elements in the cosmetic product are not available.As part Saksk Derma Care exclusively curative mud with rich vitamin and mineral complex with a normal pH level.

Operating principle: natural dirt very simple: Apply a thick layer on the face or the whole body, it completely fills the pores and dissolves them in the remaining grease tube, oxygenates the epidermis, reduces pores, has an antiseptic effect.Antioxidants resist UV radiation and prevent the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, restores the water-salt balance and slows down the natural irreversible aging at the cellular level.As a final point of all the above - gives matte and velvety.

composition of mud facials Saksk Derma Care

absolutely natural product - a mask on the basis of Saki mud, and very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements and micro-organisms.It is nice and soft when applied to the skin surface does not damage its particles.Dirt is much stronger impact than the creams, such as Goji Cream.Circulation, which is broken in the skin is quickly restored as the return to normal metabolic processes.

How to apply mud mask

How to apply the mud mask Saksk Derma Care

Mask Saksk Derma Care is best applied after a bath, shower or sauna when you steam the pores fully disclosed.The procedure does not necessarily daily.It is good to resort to it every day 2─3.So:

  1. person free of makeup and impurities.Leather steam.

  2. diluted to the consistency of sour cream powder from a bag Saksk Derma Care hot water.

  3. Apply a thick layer over the entire body (unless the person avoid "blurring" the eyes and mouth).

  4. Dirt should dry and then rinse it with warm water, abundant.

course, all packaging is described in detail, you have only to read carefully and follow the instructions.The result is supposed to be better than the salon.


The effect is visible immediately after the first procedure.The skin is refreshed, silky, toned and more elastic.But the first effect, unfortunately, is not stable.Naturally, you need to repeat using Saksk Derma Care regularly: two or three days.And then after 3-4 weeks you get a shiny appearance for a long time.And this:

  • absence of edema due to improved lymph and blood circulation;

  • comfortable all day hydration;

  • tightened skin without a limp;

  • if you did a mud mask on the face, the dark circles that appear under the eyes from fatigue disappear.Will only fresh even color;

  • a smooth skin, without wrinkles and wrinkles.


Qualitative dirt nothing to blame.This nourishing natural protection and care.But overdry dry skin and to anything.If you have very dry skin prone to irritation and flaking, you do not bring dirt Saksk Derma Care, laid on the face, to dry.Always moisten dry out a layer of warm water, or wash it off before.

not use mud masks, and if on the surface of the skin there are open wounds.

reviews mud mask Saksk Derma Care

Reviews of mud mask Saksk Derma Care

Masks based mud is a very common cosmetic has a long-predavnih times.Find negative feedback from the users of high-quality assets is very difficult.All that can be found everywhere and is easy to read - a positive feedback with recommendations for use.For example, here are reviews of a mud mask for the face and body:

Eva, 28 years

I have long use different masks.I do this regularly and not.But after each treatment I remain happy with the refreshed view.But in our fast time so very tired.One of the favorite tools of mud - a Saksk Derma Care.Once a week I put it on the whole body and face both bastard half-hour to the music.Two times a week - and gets facial skin.Noticeably look younger, more importantly lifted the mood, fatigue, and there goes the energy for nightlife.

Maria, 34 years

I come home tired, ashen, his eyes always want to sleep, and even the family in which the twins.Aid is no, we have to help itself: in the salons have no money, no time for anything and everything.I am sharing the withdrawal of women like me.My dear, do not be nervous, more relaxing, enjoyable use by combining with pleasure.I do so: the very first wake up and go to the bathroom, dirt breed Saksk Derma Care, and put on the face, chest and neck.I prepare breakfast and I understand that someone wear.Just 20 minutes away.All wake.Then I go into the shower, I wash off all that quickly spreadable cream and hair dry land.I go out when all had breakfast and partially dressed, going to wash, and I just drink coffee, get dressed and painted.All leave the house.Before the weekend I make mud treatments in the evening, just lying in the bath for an hour and watch TV.

Konstantin, 39 years

all started with his wife ... I was joking with her and spread the mask of mud Saksk Derma Care.Now we have to advise the peasants: normally refreshes, swelling like a hand removed, you can walk, even with the kind of beard is neat vseravno.The very use, sometimes on the abdomen smear.

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