The ampoules Healthy hair - vitamin complex designed for the recovery of the scalp, hair follicles recovery activities and structure of the hair.Formulation Innovation, based on natural raw materials natural and effective action in the short term.Results: long, silky and thick hair - are stored for a long time.The tool can be attributed to the professional (it is used in the salon treatment), but simply to use and at home.
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Cost Healthy hair and where to buy?

Our blog no trades, please do not write us in the comments to the review of issues related to delivery and payment.Buy ampoules for hair growth Healthy hair can be in the official online store by clicking on the banner below:

Price Healthy hair (6 vials):

  • in Russia - 990 rubles.
  • in Ukraine - 359 UAH.
  • in Kazakhstan - 5400 tenge
  • in Belarus - 290 000 BYR.

Ingredients Healthy hair

Revitalizing Complex capsules contain only natural ingredients.The basis of it is an extract of
millet.This component is often used in medicine and cosmetics because it has very good nourishing and restorative properties.Extract of millet in ampoules Healthy hair composition affects not only the hair and the growth of their structure, but also in improving the scalp circulation.It is often argued that the power of the scalp is directly related to the activity of the hair follicles: the more intense the circulation, the more bulbs are working and "feed" the growing hair.Just extract of millet has antiseptic and tonic effect.

in ampoules for hair growth Healthy hair also contains extracts of herbs: horsetail, chamomile, St. John's wort, plantain, henna and a laurel tree.They nourish the hair structure, give the hair density, luster, perform the function of courting.

It's not all rich "buttery" composition "Healthy Hair".She also contains oils: wheat germ, burdock.In their high content of vitamin A and E that moisturize the skin and hair, eliminate brittleness and give elasticity structure, restore the lost strength to the hair.

Useful properties ampoules for hair growth Healthy hair

One of the properties of the contents of the ampoules for hair growth Healthy hair is regardless of the type of your head of hair fits all.Whether it is dry, too dense, curly "petty demon", rare, greasy and other useful composition intensively nourish each Volosik and make it hard to grow, eliminate brittleness and section (bundle of tips), the corrosive effects of the environment: chemicalsUV dust.Such a departure from Healthy hair will make your hair healthy, smooth and shiny.

How to use the tool Healthy hair

How to use the tool Healthy hair

As already mentioned, the product is packaged in tubes is not, and in vials.This is very good: does not allow oxygen to get into and out of its shelf life.So, how to use ampoules for hair growth:

- pre-wash the head is not necessary;

- Reveal the vials and apply the contents of the Healthy hair on the scalp, massaging the rub a few minutes, then distributed to hair;

- creating heat.For example, wrap head with a towel and take care of business.Mask keep the right time;

- after the required time wash your hair as it always does.

complex for the strengthening and growth of hair Healthy hair is not for everyday use.To recover and give vitamin nutrition hair enough to make such "compresses" twice a week (every three to four days).

Contraindications Healthy hair

means completely natural natural raw materials, so it can be a contraindication only the presence of some people are allergic to a particular plant.


obvious effect of the action Healthy hair will be after the first application.The hair will become noticeably silky, color becomes brighter, it is very likely that the dandruff disappears.For consistent results use a mask for a month, and then you can go to "support mode" once a week (in the output, for example).

As a result, your hair will become much more attractive.Every hair smooth out their scales, becoming the dense and brilliant, the pigment becomes more vivid, and most importantly, accelerate the growth of hair, and very quickly you'll be the owner of a long, smooth, healthy and shiny "mane".

reviews ampoules for hair growth Healthy hair

Reviews ampoules for hair growth Healthy hair

always means for hair growth were the most popular.Enjoy them representatives of both sexes.The natural composition of balms, masks, creams, oils and other cosmetic medical means, the more they demand.Reviews of Healthy hair is not much - an innovation in the field of hair care.But much more positive reviews than negative ones.Mostly men write about what thinning hair could not be restored, bald head continues to grow, etc.- This is a negative review.We will adhere to the views of other plan:

Vic, 23 years

We mom long hair.We take care of them the same way.Previously only used herbal decoctions (nettle, chamomile, horsetail), henna support structure, it is now a wonderful tool with herbs and oils - Healthy hair.Apply it as a masochku 3 weeks and are very pleased with the effect.They have become shiny, perfectly combed and acquired cognac color.The long-haired girls advise.

Natalia L., 39 years

Like many women appreciate the natural beauty products for hair growth.Before doing so: picking grass in the garden, and in the winter Dried brewing.Now, a lot of funds similar in composition and even better, that's such as Healthy hair.From the first shampooing become noticeable difference "before" and "after."My thick hair combed and easier to fit.

Elena, 28 years

only and read "after birth" and "after birth" ... some without that hair suddenly starts to fall and not to long hair.These would be left on the head.

was at trihologa says it's my disease worsened.He appointed treatment and advised to maintain the scalp and to prevent further polyseniya use masks, here for example ampoules Healthy hair.The first application did not bring me peace.Second, too.But I trust my doctor and his perseverance still drew reverse the balding process.A month later, stopped coming out, my hair of medium length (about cheekbone) and the feeling is as if they became thicker structure, fringe fit properly.Not bad, not bad.

Edgar, 41 years

I propolzovalsya these ampoules two weeks and then threw them away, another scam.Hair does not grow on both the top and do not grow.I think there is a world of means for hair growth and Healthy hair, I do not advise to throw at a man with a problem like me, maybe it's good for those who have hair, but they are just weak.

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